• Feb 6, 2020
Care of the Persian cat quite labor-consuming.
the Persian cat needs careful daily leaving therefore before buying it, once again estimate the forces.
 a cat On a photo: The Persian cat
Hair of the Persian cat needs to comb and watch carefully that koltuna, especially on "panties" and "collar" were not formed.
Wash the Persian cats of 1 times in 2 – 3 weeks. For washing special shampoo which can be bought in pet-shop or a vetapteka is used.
the Persian cats generally favourably perceive care of them, however if it not so, accustom the favourite to hygienic procedures gradually, in games.
Care of hair of the Persian cats of a different color has the nuances. For example, white cats are powdered special powder, and hair of black cats can burn out in the sun.
If wool was felted, it needs to be untangled, at the same time holding a cat so that she did not feel pain. Big koltuna are removed the veterinarian, but it is impossible to hesitate with it: skin under koltuny cannot breathe.
the Persian cats often eat own dropped-out wool. As a result "hair sausages" can be formed. The cat can get rid of them, eating a special grass.
of an Eye of the Persian cats also demand special leaving. "Persians" have tendency to obstruction of plaintive channels, and allocations from eyes can decolour wool near a nose. Therefore eyes need to be examined daily and if necessary to clean.
the Important part of care of the Persian cat — prevention of diseases. Remember that because of the structure of a muzzle the Persian cats can have trouble breathing therefore be attentive to health of the pet. If you were guarded by any symptoms, as soon as possible consult with the veterinarian.

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