• Jan 13, 2020

Distinctive features of character of cats of breed a bobtail — goodwill and tranquility.

 the Cat of breed a bobtail of a photo

On a photo: cat of breed bobtail Japanese

On character the Japanese bobtail контактен, is friendly, clever and devoted.

At first sight a cat of breed the bobtail can make a deceptive impression of calmness and laziness, however she likes to swim, and some owners claim that they could teach cats of breed a bobtail to an aportirovka. If you like to walk with a cat, then will be able to teach the Japanese bobtail to go on a lead – but, certainly, walks have to be safe for your pet.

Long hinder legs of cats of breed the Japanese bobtail are perfectly adapted for jumps and run, and really, these cats on character very active beings.

A cat of breed the Japanese bobtail enjoys society of people and if to talk to her, by all means answers with a melodious quiet voice.

The Japanese bobtails adore warmly and easily adapt to life in any family, willingly communicate with children. Also Japanese bobtails well get on with dogs.

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