• Feb 6, 2020

The Japanese bobtail — the cat of the average size who is harmoniously put and harmonious.

 the Japanese bobtail long-haired a photo

On a photo: cat of breed Japanese bobtail

A body of a cat of breed the bobtail oblong, on all length has identical width, brawny and strong, but at the same time not stocky and not too large.

Shoulders of a cat of breed the Japanese bobtail wide, and the back and a waist have small camber.

Legs are harmonious, long, and hind legs more long than lobbies, are slightly bent at rest.

Distinctive feature in the description of a cat of breed a bobtail – a tail: it short (5 — 7.5 cm), keeps vertically. Wool on a tail puffs up extensively, masking small curvature, and on a tip – a peculiar pomponchik.

If bobtail to cross to an ordinary cat, kittens are born with normal tails. Only thoroughbred crossing gives the chance to keep feature of this cat breed.

The head of the Japanese bobtail — in the form of an equilateral triangle. The muzzle is wide, cheekbones high, a nose wide and long. The ears which are highly put average in size. Eyes are big, oval, widely put and slanting. Look attentive and alerted.

Hair of cats of breed a bobtail Japanese average on length, silky, very soft, practically without underfur, does not fall down, practically does not fade. Wool on a body and a tail is longer and more dense. On ears, a muzzle and paws hair of the Japanese bobtail is shorter. "Collar", "brushes" (edge) on ears of cats of breed a bobtail and between small pillows of paws is desirable.

A color of cats of breed the Japanese bobtail can be practically any, except for lilac monophonic, chocolate and a kolor-point. The fancifulness and brightness of a color are highly appreciated. The three-colored color meets only at females.

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