• Jan 13, 2020

The homeland of cats of breed a bobtail — Japan, as it is reflected in the name of breed. On the historical homeland of three-colored bobtails call "mi-ky". A bobtail — the native cat breed which belongs to cat breeds of the Far East and, besides Japan, is very popular in Korea and China.

 breeds a bobtail Japanese a photo

On a photo: cat of breed Japanese bobtail

Images of a small cat with a short tail can be seen on engravings and pictures of Japan of different historical eras.

In the middle of the 20th century of cats of breed a bobtail for the first time delivered in the USA where the breed and received the official name "Japanese bobtail".

In the seventies the 20th centuries developed the standard of breed, and in 1976 bobtails acquired the right to compete in a class of short-haired cats.

In 1996 as exhibition breed also the long-haired bobtail was accepted.

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