• Jan 13, 2020

Cat breed of Snow шу — relatively young and still quite rare. It is a hybrid of 3 cat breeds:

  • the American short-haired.
  • Burmese.
  • Siamese.
 Snow's Cat шу a photo

On a photo: cat of breed of Snow шу

Characteristic feature of cats of breed of Snow шу — white marks on all four ступнях.

Periodically at cats of a color a blyu-point and forces points kittens with white marks were born, and in the sixties the 20th centuries manufacturers of the USA decided to create new breed, having brought this feature to perfection. The new cat breed received the name to a snou-sh, or a belonozhka.

In 1974 Snow's breed шу was registered by Federation of fans of cats and the American association of fans of cats.

In 1982 the cat breed of Snow шу received the competitive status. However it is still recognized not by all associations.

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