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the Cat мейнкун (English maine coon) is considered one of the largest and mysterious cat's breeds which history of emergence is shrouded in a secret and conjectures. The severe appearance guards and even frightens at acquaintance, but at the subsequent communication it turns out that under terrible shape the kindest being with appeasable character and playful temper disappears.

Cat Maine Coon

History and standard of breed

About origin of breed the set of legends goes, but established facts did not confirm any of them. Officially it is considered that Maine Coons are brought more than 150 years in North America (State of Maine) where are recognized as an official symbol of the state.

Unlike other domestic cats, they are formed within four years. From 25 to 40 cm in withers grow. Length with a tail to 120 cm (a tail — up to 36 cm). The adult male weighs up to 11 — 12 kg, a female — 9 — 10 kg. Kittens are born weight 150 — 170 гр.

Appearance on CFA classification:

Cat Breed Maine Coon

  • The head — average with high cheekbones. At cats the head is larger and wider, than at cats.
  • The muzzle is proportional, square shape, average length. The chin is deep, expressed, on one line with an upper lip and a nose.
  • The profile is smooth, without small humps, a little concave.
  • The ears which — are highly put, big, wide at the basis, narrowed to tips. Well trimmed with brushes on the ends.
  • Eyes — an oval form, slantwise put, expressive, a green or gold shade. Can be blue at cats with presence at a color of white color.
  • A neck — average length, graceful.
  • The case is long, rectangular, brawny. Broad chest. A female there are less males.
  • Legs — are proportional to a body, strong.
  • Paws are roundish, big, well trimmed. On forepaws up to 5 fingers, on back — on 4.
  • A tail — narrowed to a tip, fluffy.
  • Wool — dense, short on shoulders and extended on a stomach and legs. On a neck the collar is obligatory.
  • The color is red, black, blue, tortoise, marble, gray (except chocolate and Himalaya).


Kitten of Breed Maine Coon

  • wool, short or identical on all body;
  • wrong bite;
  • squint;
  • curve tail;
  • thin frame;
  • white spots;
  • wrong number of fingers;
  • signs of hybridization.

Average life expectancy makes 10 — 12 years.

of Trait of character

Keeping of Cats of Breed Maine Coon

Maine Coons are owners of quiet character, perceive strangers with care. Never sit on hands or knees, avoid the closed spaces, curious and active. Unlike other cat's, like to lie down in the bathtub filled with warm water.

Differ in high intellectual level. Remember and understand many words and phrases. Treat a lead calmly and prefer long walks with the owner.

Cats of this breed are focused on the person, but they do not tolerate familiarity. To meet owners read out from work the direct duty, and in the evenings usually lie nearby or accompany in any movements on the house. Separation from house is transferred hard, refuse food and can fall into a heavy depression.

Food Allowance of Cats Meyn-kunm

Maine Coons, thanks to the goodwill, easily win arrangement of pets. Of course, rodents, birds and aquarian small fishes should not be acquainted with a cat, they will be apprehended as production. And here firm friendship, especially can be given up other cats and dogs if animals live together with the childhood.

of Feature of contents

Features of Appearance of Cats Maine Coon

One of necessary procedures in care of a Maine Coon — care of wool. Comb-out is carried out by 2 times a week, during a molt — daily. At first the animal is examined on existence of koltun and accurately untangled or cut off them, then combed out a slicker brush.

It is not recommended to cut cats. With the hygienic purpose the vystriganiye of hair around genitals and an anus is allowed.

Ears purge times in 7 — 9 days, cut claws in process of growth. The dental plaque is deleted in veterinary clinic, it is obligatory with use of anesthesia. Wash a cat a Maine Coon depending on pollution of a wool cover.

It is recommended to feed with quality dry feeds or natural products. include In a diet:

  • low-fat beef, chicken meat, turkey, rabbit flesh (in a crude or boiled look);
  • sour-milk products;
  • vegetables.

At dry feeds there has to be a taurine and calcium. should not be present At structure:

  • corn;
  • wheat;
  • artificial additives and dyes.

Hereditary diseases

At Maine Coons as well as representatives of other breeds have hereditary diseases. Often meet:

Diseases of Cats of Breed Maine Coon

  • The dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint — reduces mobility and leads to lameness. It is shown at any age.
  • A hypertrophic cardiomyopathy — a widespread heart disease at cats. It is diagnosed only by means of an echocardiography.
  • The spinal muscular atrophy — is characterized by dystrophy, muscle weakness and the unsteady gait. Is not followed by painful feelings.

Choice and kitten cost

It is recommended to buy a kitten only in the checked nursery. Before purchase it is necessary to study features of breed, to meet the manufacturer, to look at documents of parents of the kid.

A healthy kitten active, large, with a rectangular body, brilliant fluffy wool, clean ears with rysy brushes and eyes. Kids are ready to sale aged from 12 weeks and are more senior.

How to Feed Cats of Breed a Maine Coon

The cost of club kittens of Maine Coons is 100000 — 125000 rubles. At the order additional expenses for delivery from abroad are required. The pets who are not intended for cultivation and exhibitions are on sale at reduced price — about 60 thousand rubles

If the seller suggests to buy a kitten at reduced price that is, most likely, a hybrid. It is difficult to distinguish the metis from thoroughbred, but should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • metises more small;
  • in 2 — 3 years become polovozrely;
  • have no expressed collar;
  • concede in a lokhmatost.

The addresses of nurseries can be found on internet resources. One of the most famous manufacturers registered in TICA — Spica Coon. If the family tree of future pet does not matter, a kitten it is possible to buy according to the announcement for 16,000 rubles and below.

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