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Reminding Siamese from which there was a breed was found in the owner of Siamese cats from the USA (Philadelphia) in one of broods of pets, the cat to a snou-sh, nevertheless, has the distinctive signs. In translation from the English snow shoe means "a snow boot", and called breed because of characteristic white "socks" on paws.

Cat of breed of Snow шу: description, features of contents
Breed to a snou-sh still формируется

История origins

In the sixties the kitten with white "socks" on paws was found in the owner of Siamese cats from the USA (Philadelphia) in one of broods of pets. Having become interested in this fact, the woman found allies in the person of selectors from Virginia. By carrying out long selections and crossings of the American short-haired animals with the Siamese the new breed was removed, it was registered in Federation of fans of cats. Later developed the standard for a snou-sha recognized officially.

By 1977 interest in breed gradually died away that was caused by complexity in its cultivation, receiving at kittens of all characteristic signs. Several years of fight of selectors for existence of cats brought to a snou-sh the results. Breed was kept, extended on the world and now becomes more and more popular.

Cat of breed of Snow шу: description, features of contents

Appearance and character

In selection of cats to a snou-sh the complexity is in at the same time to achieve the following signs:

  • a white mark on a muzzle which reminds the turned letter V which is completely taking a nose;
  • color characteristic of representatives of Siamese cat breed;
  • white "socks" on paws which often too small or are absent;
  • the constitution combining muscularity of the American short-haired breeds and oblongness of siam.

of Feature of breed (video)


The breed to a snou-sh is still formed and to receive the ideal representative on all qualities – so far almost impracticable task. According to the recognized standard note the following features of an exterior:

  1. The head of triangular shape, around eyes wool of black color. Ears at the basis wide, big, with the pointed tips.
  2. Eyes are roundish, large, are allowed only blue color.
  3. The constitution extended, a little massive, with well developed muscles.
  4. Wool cover brilliant, hair short, elastic. The main color of a body can be several options: pale-yellow, chocolate, blue. Color of wool saturated. On lobbies (is a little higher than fingers) and on back (to skakatelny joints) extremities white spots of identical height.

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Kittens are born with a color which defines their further color.

Disqualifications subject a cat of breed to a snou-sh for uncharacteristic color of eyes, light and dark marks on a body which are not provided by the standard, a shortcoming or surplus of white spots on a muzzle and paws.

Snow-shu – not for the people loving cats with independent character as these animals need constant attention from the owner, do not take out loneliness. Extremely bright and inquisitive, they easily give in to training in various tricks. To mew loudly, demanding something, such pets will not be, their voice quiet and melodious. Unlike other cats, love water, can get into a bathtub to float. The kitten to a snou-sh is extremely playful and curious, it is interesting to it to clamber on pieces of furniture. Also adult animals differ in love to height.

Cat of breed of Snow шу: description, features of contents

Health of a cat, her contents

Representatives of breed a snou-sha are distinguished by good health that is inherited from the American short-haired cats. Nevertheless some individuals are carriers of various defects of a tail that was transferred to them from Siamese ancestors. At identification of such shortcomings animals are excluded from cultivation.

In leaving of a cat are unpretentious, their wool easily combs hair. Periodic bathings will be only in joy. The diet of the pet has to be balanced, it is necessary to give fresh meat and boiled fish which quality does not raise doubts. Some owners accustom the pet to ready-made feeds that is very convenient as he at the same time receives all necessary vitamins and minerals.

Cat of breed of Snow шу: description, features of contents

But such type of food will suit not all animals: contraindications for health reasons of a cat are possible or she will refuse to eat a similar forage.

The kitten is recommended to be bought only from the checked manufacturer or in specialized nursery where the family tree with guarantee is given. Buying an animal privately, future owner puts himself at risk to receive at all not that breed or a cat who is disqualified at exhibitions. The price of a kitten is quite high, depends on a class of an animal and is 15-90 thousand rubles. In Russia only one nursery – "A snow angel" who is in Moscow.

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Selection works with breed are continued, is planned to increase the size of cats to a snou-sh, to change a constitution, to make color of eyes more saturated.

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