• Nov 24, 2019

of the Cat are natures thin and sensitive. Nobody, even the owner, can predict their behavior in case of emergence in the house of one more fluffy favourite. Sometimes it leads to the constant conflicts and fights between "beginner" and "old resident". To prevent fights, it is necessary to think over the strategy of adjustment of the friendly relations between pets in advance. There is several general advice which will help not to turn the dwelling into the arena for cat's fights.


Learn to define conflict signals

To you as to the responsible owner, it is necessary to learn to define the arising conflict between pets. Keep in mind that not always the cat's fight is a fight, i.e. the act of manifestation of aggression.

As soon as you will bring to the house of a new cat, your "old man", most likely, will begin to show personal superiority, to defend the territory, to hiss and present the stranger with a stare. The squabbler gets up before the opponent with the tousled wool and the fluffed-up tail. The beginner answers it with a pose of imaginary indifference, i.e. looks away and is discharged of the conflict.

You should not interfere with such moments. Only observe. Until some of the parties gets into a fight, in intervention there is no need. You can sometimes observe single attacks, blows by paws without exposure of claws, swoops. It is normal too, so animals check each other for durability or play. If they each other do not seek to put any serious wounds and mutilations, then and it is not necessary to interrupt such "communication" to the owner.

If you see that between pets an aggressive fight was started, or one of them fell on a back and tries to be protected from the forward by claws, then surely separate animals.

Divide space between animals

Cats are desperate owners. And those who were in family the only favourites, also egoists. In it there is nothing reprehensible. Present that one day, in your house there is foreign person who eats your products from your ware, sleeps on your bed, wears your clothes, at the same time all around only be touched by it.

So if decided to bring a new cat to the house, try to differentiate space of both pets in advance. It will help to minimize the conflicts. Existence of several game complexes, lodges or stove benches is necessary. It is desirable to choose the closed designs in which each pet can hide in case of alarm. Excess openings in such constructions need to be minimized as it will only urge on the second cat to overwrite of the beginner.

Trays should be got the closed type too. It will help cats to retire at such responsible and intimate moment and not to interfere with each other. Continuous "threat" from the second animal can cause problems with digestion or urination (the pet will just refuse to go to a toilet) or will lead to an excrement in not put places. Make sure that any of your favourites will not use others tray. To protect animals from such infringement of property, get several capacities at once (one more, than the number of pets in the house).

Bowls have to be different, it is necessary to get several capacities. Do not put them nearby, it will provoke the conflict and fight for food. Regularly you clean bowls and pour fresh water that the animal did not go behind clear water or a forage to the flatmate.

Cut claws before acquaintance

To minimize a loss which cats can put each other during acquaintance cut both claws, and then process edges a nail file. The beginner can make this procedure in the house of the manufacturer or at the veterinarian at once (if took street).

It would be quite good "to mix" previously smells of both animals before emergence in the house of the new pet. It is possible to make it by means of a terry towel. Stroke it alternately each cat, especially pay attention to area around genitals, to pads and cheeks.

What to do if a fight began

First, do not try to separate animals hands. In the heat of uncontrollable aggression they can seriously wound you. Process wounds at once to avoid infection.

Secondly, in case of a conflict situation between animals usual sprays need to use with water. Spray the fighting animals from the spray to stop a fight. After the skirmish breed cats on different rooms for peculiar "quarantine". Give to animals time to cool down and get used a little to presence of each other in one apartment.

Pay to both pets attention


At appearance of the new pet in family it is impossible to forget about former at all. Your attention has to share between cats equally. It is not recommended to feel sorry for the beginner in case of attack of the old resident on it too as the last will apprehend it as threat, you the leader who gives more resources to the one who is lower the status. It involves strengthening of the hierarchical conflicts.

Any physical punishments, a public beating or other ways to appease aggression. It will aggravate a situation even more.

Try to show to pets that you treat them equally, you love them equally, but in case of the wrong behavior you can abuse. Be patient, do not force an event, let acquaintance happen slowly and naturally.

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