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Health of pets depends on food. Many owners of cats give preference to a dry feed Purina Wang. It is an economy class product therefore you should not expect high quality of ingredients. Initially the forage was made in the USA. Today Puriny's production is transferred to Russia what deterioration is connected with. Advantage of a forage is the low price and availability. It is on sale not only in specialized pet-shops, but also in ordinary supermarkets.

Cat's forage of Purina Wang: versions and features
Many owners of cats give preference to a dry feed of Purina Wang

Before feeding the pet Purinoy Wang, it is necessary to study structure of this product attentively. When choosing an industrial diet it is necessary to be guided by needs of an animal depending on the state of health, breed and conditions of keeping. the Ruler Puriny Wang is presented by cat food of all age . Experts developed veterinary diets for the castrated and sterilized animals, for sensitive digestion and for removal of lumps of wool. A variety of products allows to choose a suitable forage to the pet.

Cat's forage of Purina Wang: versions and features
Before feeding the pet Purinoy Wang, it is necessary to study attentively structure given продукта

Подробнее about the producer

Reputation of the manufacturer – the first what buyers of a forage pay attention to. If the brand is in the market many years, it speaks about consumer confidence. the Purina ONE Company functions more than 100 years. During this time the name several times changed, and the firm was absorbed by larger enterprises. Now Purina is one of brands of the Nestlé company.

History Puriny Wang begins in 1895. In the USA the Robinson-Danforth company which for the first time begins to make industrial forages for pets opens. Demand for products promptly grows. In several years the name of the company changes on Ralston Purina. From this point mass production of forages begins.

Cat's forage of Purina Wang: versions and features

Directors note keen interest of consumers in ready-made feeds for animals therefore develop new manufacturing techniques of products. In 1930 in the USA the first research center where veterinarians and biologists study features of feeding of pets opens. Thanks to scientific approach the Purina ONE brand gains trust of buyers and extends worldwide.

At the end of the XX century the Purina brand is absorbed by the Nestlé company. Production of a forage is transferred to Russia. Today at the Nestlé plant 3 kinds of Puriny are made: Friskies, ONE and ProPlan. Medical cats lines of products are developed. Damp forages of this brand are created. However the dry diet has to make a basis of food of cats and cats.

Review of a forage of Purina ONE (video)

of the Version and structure of forages

Cats are predators, they have to receive animal protein. Producers Puriny Wang considered this fact and make forages on the basis of meat. Vitamins, minerals and minerals are necessary for cats for growth and full development. The industrial diet is balanced therefore the risk of developing of diseases of a GIT and an urinogenital system decreases.

there Are such kinds of a forage of Purina ONE for cats:

  1. For kittens. the structure contains 17% of chicken. However it is not specified what – meat or an offal. The diet in addition includes corn gluten and starch, 12% of whole wheat, soy flour, vitamins, vkusoaromatichesky additives. Protein makes 41%, fats – 20%, ashes – 8%, cellulose – 2.5%.
  2. For adult cats with beef. the Diet contains 16% of beef, corn, soy, wheat, amplifiers of taste and a smell. Vitamins, minerals and minerals are a part. The stern contains 34% of protein, 14% of fats, 7.5% of ashes, 2% of cellulose.
  3. For animals is more senior than 11 years. the Main component of a forage – chicken. Wheat, soy, corn, herbs, animal fats, a chicory root, amplifiers of a smell and taste are a part. The percent of protein is increased to 36%, fats – to 15%.
  4. For the sterilized cats and cats with a salmon. the Main ingredients – a salmon (15%) and wheat (15%). For prevention of MKB beet pulp is added. There are corn, soy and vkusoaromatichesky additives. The squirrel contains 37%, fats – 13%, ashes – 7.5%, celluloses – 4%.
  5. For pets with sensitive digestion. this type of a forage contains most of all meat – 18% of a turkey. Instead of wheat 15% of white rice are added. Fragrances, amplifiers of taste, corn gluten, vitamins and minerals in addition are a part. Squirrel of 36%, fats of 16%, ashes of 7.5%, celluloses of 1.5%.
  6. For control of formation of lumps of wool. the Main components – chicken (17%) and whole wheat (16%). The diet contains vkusoaromatichesky additives, corn, vitamins and minerals. In this type of a forage the Taurine level (0.15%), the Omega 6 (2%) and the Omega 3 (0.2%) fatty acids is increased. Squirrel of 34%, fats of 14%, ashes of 7.5%, celluloses of 6%.

Kittens cannot give a forage for adult animals. Kids have to receive more proteins and fats. The castrated cats and the sterilized cats are recommended to be fed with a special diet with the lowered percent of fats. Animals with an allergy and not properly executed chair need to give a forage for sensitive digestion.

Cat's forage of Purina Wang: versions and features

of Advantage and shortcomings

The products of the Nestlé company belong to economy class. The main advantage of the Purina ONE cat food – low cost. The producer observes the main requirements which are imposed to production of diets for pets. belong To positive sides of Puriny Wang:

  • variety of tastes;
  • existence of a veterinary diet for the sterilized animals;
  • balanced structure;
  • hypoallergenic ingredients in a stern for sensitive digestion;
  • addition of vitamins;
  • availability of minerals;
  • reduction of an unpleasant smell from a tray;
  • prevalence of products.

Despite above-mentioned pluses, a forage of economy class is not the best option for the pet. Corn is the cheap filler used for formation of croquets often causes an allergy, disorder of digestion, locks, gripes. Such diet is not suitable for cats who are ill MKB, cystitis, pancreatitis and diabetes.

Cat's forage of Purina Wang: versions and features

Wheat is also badly acquired by a cat's organism. It contains many carbohydrates, badly sates an organism of a predator and provokes obesity. On wheat cats often have an allergy. In sterns of this brand of meat ingredients it is no more than 18%. For comparison diets of a super-premium class contain at least 60% of meat. the Main source of energy in Purine Wang – corn or wheat, but not protein of animal origin. Therefore the large portion of food is necessary for cats to be sated.

A lack of forages of Purina ONE – existence of amplifiers of taste and fragrances. Wheat and corn do not attract animals. Vegetable ingredients do not possess a saturated smell and taste. Animals do not eat such food just like that. For this reason producers add artificial amplifiers of taste and a smell. Chemical additives are harmful to cats and cause accustoming. The animals eating economy class sterns refuse further better diets in which there are no flavoring amplifiers and fragrances.

What cat food is better (video)

To feed Purinoy Wang's cats or not, everyone solves for himself. Before use of a forage of the pet it is necessary to survey without fail. If the animal is completely healthy, then there are no contraindications to Purinoy Wang's feeding. In the presence of problems in an organism the diet is selected by the veterinarian.

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