• Sep 6, 2019

Many owners of cats noticed that sometimes their animal not against "to spend" the time for viewing of the TV together with the owner. And some of them prefer certain transfers, for example, programs about animals or children's animated films. Therefore it is interesting to much whether on the business of a cat understand the events on the screen or they are attracted by something other.

Whether Cats Are Able to Watch TV

That actually cats see on the screen

Cats have color sight, though other than ours. Most accurately they see blue, green and yellow shades, but almost do not distinguish red. Besides, the sight at cats is a little indistinct, all objects seem them indistinct.

But they perfectly define distance to an object, without this ability they could not jump on long distances.

When your fluffy pet fades at the TV and with interest watches the events on the screen, it does not mean at all that it liked the program.

Cats are born hunters. Even at domestic cats the instinct of the hunter remains on the first place. Therefore often in the TV of the pet attracts not a plot of transfer, and movement of heroes. The plot, the more in it is more dynamic than movements, the more it attracts. Behind the falling autumn leaf any cat will not begin to look, and here behind fast run of a dog or behind soccer will look with pleasure.

Besides, cats perfectly understand that they show on TV, can distinguish images of the person, a cat, dog or birdie. The matter is that they are capable to process large volumes of information in a short space of time. They with ease understand that on the screen the hero of an animated cartoon, but not a real animal or the person: in cat's perception of their movement very much differ, they not such sharp and accurate.

According to the last researches, cats prefer TVs with a frequency of 100 Hz. Ordinary TVs have the frequency of 50 Hz, and it creates the distorted blinking for an animal, interferes with perception of the picture in general. If you want that your pet watched transmissions together with you, buy the modern liquid crystal or plasma TV with screen diagonal from 50 inches.

The size of the screen plays an important role. Cats are capable to distinguish a subject from distance of 20 m, and the person the same subject will see 75 meters at distance. Therefore on the small screen the cat will see everything very indistinct: the TV size is less, the less accurate picture will be seen by your pet.

Why to some cats very much is pleasant to watch TV

Whether Cats Are Able to Watch TV

Cats are very bright. Having seen a birdie, a mouse on the screen or other interesting object, a kitten, especially small, by all means will begin to hunt or play with it. But the animal will understand soon that an object is unreal. The pet can strike with a pad the screen and glance for the TV and when there finds nobody, at once will lose interest in games. After such lesson cats understand that characters are "inside" and will not be able to get out in any way. But it is still interesting to watch them.

If your cat prefers all others some certain transfer and lays down in front of the TV as soon as you include "In fauna" or an animated cartoon "Masha and a bear", to it there is the explanation. As it was already told earlier, cats easily distinguish animals from other characters, they are interesting to them from, cat's, the points of view.

And what specifically attracts them in animated films? First of all it is the picture. Distinguishing only a few flowers, to cats brightness and contrast is very important. Children's animated cartoons most often multi-colored, bright, dynamic. Flashing of different flowers also attracts interest of the pet.

Besides the image, cats have excellent hearing. Range of the distinguished sounds at them several times is higher, than at the person. There are sounds which are very pleasant to cats, for example, rustle of a package, rumbling in the certain range or a twitter of birds. Having heard similar sounds from the TV, they definitely will become interested in them. Many cats begin to mew if they hear a bird or the fellow from the TV. The most interesting to them – when in transfer the cat hunts for feathery and all this is followed by purr, a twitter and other sounds of hunting. Before such interesting telecast the fluffy pet can "hang" for a long time, podmyaukivy and jumping up.

If you want that some time your purring friend did not get under feet, then turn on the TV with its favourite program which you will be able to define now by practical consideration.

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