• Dec 18, 2019

the Majority of domestic cats live on average 15 years, but some pets received the status of long-livers as could cross a 20 anniversary threshold. Cats long-livers who on - to human measures are more than 100 years old.



This long-liver was born in 1972 in England.

The owner of a cat, Bill Thomas, told that he began to look after Lucie since 1999, after the death of her previous owner. He emphasized that the fluffy favourite led active lifestyle and even at the age of 40 years perfectly caught mice.

By the end of life Lucie completely became deaf that is considered quite normal for such old animal. She died in 2015 on the 44th year of life.

Krim Paff

Krim Paff Cat Long-liver

This fluffy beauty was also included in the Guinness Book of Records. By representatives of the company it was officially recorded that it was born in 1967, and died in 2005.

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Up to 38 years to it special food to which the cat was accustomed by her owner helped to live. The Krim Paff menu was based on proteinaceous food, and also broccoli and an asparagus entered a diet.

Granpa Rex Alain

Granpa Rex Alain

This cat of breed a sphinx was born in the capital of France in 1964.

It was found on the street and brought in a shelter of the County of Travis (State of Texas). Travel with the French hostess, the cat was lost.

Jake Perry who is known that at the same time he was the owner of a cat Krim Paff became his owner.

Granpa initially was considered as the most age cat in the world while its record was not broken by the neighbor in the house. The cat died in 1998 at the age of 34 years.

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The Siamese cat by nickname the Scooter was born in 1986.

He led active lifestyle and often traveled together with the hostess Gayle Floyd. For the life the Scooter visited 45 states.

Residents of the State of Texas remember this fluffy as animal game and full of energy. In 2014 the pet broke a paw and began to need special leaving. Unfortunately, the cat died in 2016 at the age of 30 years.



This Persian long-liver was born and grew up in Odessa, and according to documents Veniamin de Lecli bore a name.

It is considered that pets of this breed on average live 8 years therefore the 22-year-old champion became the first who could reach such big figure.

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The blue Persian died on the 22nd year of life, but managed to be included in the National register of records of Ukraine. The mistress of an animal told that her favourite very much loved water and rest in the fresh air, and once he saved her family during the fire, having notified owners on ignition by means of loud miaow.

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