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Majestic cats of breed a Maine Coon by right are considered as the largest representatives of the cat family having natural origin. More largely only cats of breed the savanna, but they actually are result of hybridization. So it is possible to claim safely that kuna is the biggest domestic cat conducting the family tree from wild ancestors.

Cats of Breed a Maine Coon — Kings of the Cat's World
Cats of breed a Maine Coon by right are considered as the largest representatives of the cat family having natural происхождение

Легенды and the truth about the history

There are several romantic legends explaining emergence of breed a Maine Coon. There were they thanks to some external similarities of kun to other animals. For example, ears of kun, sharp with brushes, bear lynxes very a strong resemblance. From there was a legend that the cat breed came from crossing of a North American lynx with a domestic cat.

Other legend claims that kuna came from communication of a domestic cat and an enotikha what the fluffy striped fur coat of cats indicates. By the way, the breed received the name for such external similarity to raccoons.

The homeland of animals is the North American State of Maine therefore sometimes kuna call the Manx cat. In English the name of the State of Maine is written "Maine" and said as "мэйн". From here the first part of the name of breed. The second word - "coon" said as "kuna" is the second part of the English word "racoon" that in translation "raccoon" means. If to put everything together, "maine coon" will turn out that can literally be translated as "the Manx raccoon".

Except external similarity to a raccoon cats of this breed have one more physiological sign, similar to raccoons, is special sounds which animals make, without opening a mouth. Some fans of music compare such rumbling to harmonious American folk.

However legends legends, but even the school student understands that trans-species crossings, especially in the habitat, are impossible. Actually origin of breed very prosaic. Maine coons are the natural population of cats created on open spaces of the severe nature of the North American continent, most likely, in a forest natural zone. It is possible to explain with this fact the large sizes of animals, powerful physical data, ability to survival in the winter forest and magnificent hunting skills.

The first written description of breed appeared in 1861. From this year up to the beginning of the 20th century of kuna took regular part in exhibitions of the northeast coast of the USA. But at the beginning of the 20th century of raccoon-like cats forced out smaller, but not less beautiful Siberian. Interest in kuna fell. And only in the 60th years the popularity of breed began to revive. There were clubs of fans of Maine Coons, specialized nurseries were organized, and the number of a livestock of thoroughbred representatives of breed increased.

In 1976 the breed of the Manx raccoon-like cats returned on exhibition rings and since then takes constant part in cat's competitions.

The largest representative of kun is the cat by nickname Stewy who was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest representative cat's in the world: length of the giant from a nose to a tip of a tail was 123 cm. But also usual kuna strikingly differs in the sizes from the relatives: its height can reach 40 cm in withers, length from a nose to a tail tip – to 1 m, weight – up to 15 kg. Cats have more modest sizes.

Description of appearance

Breed the Maine Coon differs not only the sizes, but also magnificent external data, huge among relatives.

The sizes of an animal vary from big to very big. As ancestors of kun are forest hunters and to become at them corresponding: very strong well-muscled body, wide bone, wide powerful thorax. Shape of a body extended. Large, a little angular head connects to a trunk rather short by the sizes, but a strong neck. Average length of an extremity differ in muscularity. On the big rounded paws between fingers wool bunches grow. This natural heater allows cats to feel perfectly, walking on snow in cold season.

The head, unlike representatives of other breeds, is more extended in length, than in width. On a massive skull the high cheekbones and the large highly put ears having the form of triangles are excreted. Tips of ears decorate fluffy brushes. Eyes are widely put and have the oval form. Color of eyes can be green or amber, but according to standards has to be in harmony with color of wool.

Cats of Breed a Maine Coon — Kings of the Cat's World
Breed the Maine Coon differs not only the sizes, but also magnificent external data, huge among relatives

Wool kuna fluffy and very dense, has soft silky texture. In the head and a neck wool is shorter, but is more dense that creates effect of a lion's mane. And on a stomach, a back and back extremities wool much more long also has a dense underfur.

The tail always served forest primogenitors of kun as additional heater during spending the night in cold season therefore it also differs bigger, than at other representatives cat's, length, and wool on it is longer and more dense. Today practical application of a tail kuna lost the relevance and serves only as additional decoration of breed.

The color of wool can be a miscellaneous. Red, black, white colors and shades admit. Extremely seldom individuals meet a blue color. Felinologists recognize that the cat мейн can have white drawings on the body: on a stomach, ears, a breast, paws. Standards exclude such shades of a color as Abyssinian, brown, chocolate, Siamese. Two-color or three-colored kinds of colors are extremely not desirable.

Cats of Breed a Maine Coon — Kings of the Cat's World

Main traits of character

The unusual good-natured person and Miroljub is behind the impressive sizes and a severe look of a Maine Coon. Except the owner whom the cat will love with all the heart he with pleasure will be on friendly terms also with all other members of household: will become the partner to elderly people, will rush on the house with teenagers, and to very small child can quite replace the nurse.

If in the house there are other animals – cats, dogs, squirrels, polecats or hamsters, then and for them the kuna will be in big soul the place. Being the first-class rodents and more big game, kuna hunter will not come to mind to offend a rodent house: the cat accepts all residents in the house as equal. At the same time if the kuna wants to be played, he can quite use for this domestic rodent, without having caused to the last the slightest damage. Or for the sake of an entertainment will bring a little animal to the owner and will put on knees: it seems came from hunting and gave production to darling.

The relations with the owner is a subject separate. Even at the most early age of kuna show characteristic features of breed: they are tender, friendly, peaceful, at the same time are sure of themselves, are independent and independent. They need personal space where the animal will be able to retire at any time. However most of all kuna like to be near the owner.

The kitten very quickly and easily adapts to a way of life and habits of the person, trying to adapt completely under them. If work of the owner is connected with long sitting at the computer, the cat will be nearby, studying the monitor, not preventing to work at the same time. If the person is the fan of a game, for example in Ping-Pong, then over time the cat will begin to bring a racket in teeth. The affection for the owner is shown also in what мэйн quietly transfers change of the habitat: other city, new apartment, giving, automobile trailer. The main thing that the owner was near.

Cats of Breed a Maine Coon — Kings of the Cat's World

Despite the in literal sense dog affection for the person, мэйн hates when he is squeezed or take on hands: its dimensions do not allow to feel comfortable on hands or on a lap the person, even the favourite owner.

Concerning strangers мэйн will show emphasized indifference. But if the person does not begin to stick to an animal, trying to come into contact, the cat will quickly estimate it and will approach.

Representatives of breed differ in a number of abilities, extraordinary for cats: ingenuity and logicality in the actions, the fine memory significantly facilitating training. Some scientists claim that kuna can make conscious acts like dogs.

Owners of cats note that they already at teenage age of kuna remember a set of words, teams and intonations of a human voice. It is shown in fine understanding by the owner's cats on the slightest change of intonation, the hidden gestures or even a look. Animals so well understand and remember teams that it is possible to train them easily and quickly in rather difficult tricks.

One more unique quality of cats of breed of maine coons is their pronounced fatherly instinct. Kot father is not separated from a cat with newborn kittens for the reason that he participates in the most active way in education of the posterity.

Cats of Breed a Maine Coon — Kings of the Cat's World

A cat the Maine Coon shows interesting behavior before drinking waters, it is unimportant from an open reservoir or from a bowl in kitchen: the animal will long rake water paws before starts process of drink. It is considered that cats inherited this habit from wild ancestors who had to drink water from dirty reservoirs.

What else it is possible to add to the description of nature of these surprising giants? Kuna of oars it is also playful, but never climbs tops: the huge size of an animal does not allow to be located conveniently on a case or the book shelf. Kuna prefer big space where it will be possible to lie down comfortably half-asleep, having stretched in all the meter length. They do not peel furniture, preferring carpets, but it is easy for them to explain that claws should be sharpened on specially adapted rug or on a kogtetochka.

Meyna are very clean, accurate, friendly and are not persuasive: if it is necessary, the cat can quite occupy herself. Possessing a melodious voice, the animal will never bother with miaow once again, trying to draw attention to itself. Perhaps only the soft muffled melodious purr creating an additional cosiness in the house.

Cats of Breed a Maine Coon — Kings of the Cat's World

of the Disease of kun

Cats of breed a maine coon differ in good health and very high life expectancy. There is no wonder, as the breed has natural origin. Nevertheless there are several diseases of hereditary and genetic character which are incurable and sooner or later lead to a lethal outcome.

It is necessary to know about such diseases that who decided to buy a Maine Coon cat as the breed belongs to very expensive. But business even not in money: the sick dying kitten is quite heartrending moral experience, especially for those who love animals.

One of the heaviest is the difficult disease of warm and respiratory systems under the name a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is the hereditary disease which is shown on average and advanced age. The disease belongs to progressing and incurable. At the last stage the animal has a paralysis of back extremities and a pulmonary edema that inevitably leads to death.

To define whether the animal is predisposed to this disease in the future, there are special analyses on research DNA, however they are too expensive and available to not everyone.

Cats of Breed a Maine Coon — Kings of the Cat's World

Other serious hereditary disease – a spinal muscular atrophy, in other words, weakening of muscular function of extremities. This disease is shown at a kitten approximately in 3-4 months: the kid rocks when walking and badly jumps on furniture. This disease is not fatal. The animal can live many years, at the same time to be rather vigorous and cheerful, to eat well, but for them as for disabled people, it is necessary to create and support special conditions. Abroad and on this type of a disease there is a testing.

As meyna is a large breed, they are subject to a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. The disease is genetic too, but is shown at cats with age and generally: they begin to limp. Can ache as one joint, and a little.

Fortunately, these diseases meet not so often and if to buy kittens in the checked nursery, then the probability of receiving the sick kid can be minimized. As an additional security measure it is possible to go to nursery with the veterinarian who will help to pick up a Maine Coon cat, and will observe it further.

Cats of Breed a Maine Coon — Kings of the Cat's World

Necessary leaving

Due to the natural accuracy and cleanliness care of this majestic breed is not so difficult.

The animal should provide enough space for a game and to create a secluded lodge for rest. For sharpening of claws it is desirable to get a special support-kogtetochku and also to provide the pet with enough toys which can be driven on the apartment, to bite and let in them claws. Toys for cats a Maine Coon acquire still big relevance if in the house there live squirrels or hamsters: that one favourite frayed others less.

Physical activity – the most important aspect of care of meyna. Cats large also need a constant training of a muscular system. It is fine if the animal has an opportunity to take a walk independently in the yard or vicinities of a country house. But also on a lead together with the person these cats do not object to walk too. An animal 2-3 times a week are enough to walk.

The smart fur coat of the pet also needs special care. To prevent formation of koltun, it is necessary to comb a cat at least once a week, paying special attention to areas of a stomach and armpits. The procedure of combing is carried out, since the head in the direction of a tail, using a special metal hairbrush with the rounded-off cloves. For removal of the become lifeless strands of wood it is better to use Furminator, and the massage brush will give to wool a well-groomed silky look.

From time to time kun it is possible to bathe: similar procedures usually give pleasure to animals. Also it is necessary to watch purity of ears, regularly wiping them with special ear sticks.

Cats of Breed a Maine Coon — Kings of the Cat's World

Food for the pet

The big muscle and bone bulk of kun demand special food. It is possible to feed with both a special forage, and natural food.

At natural feeding at a diet there have to be a meat, fish and fermented milk products. Meat and fish animals are given in a boiled look to exclude infection with helminths. Crude fish is strictly forbidden. Beef, veal and a bird are considered as useful grades of meat. It is contraindicated to feed kun with pork and mutton. Small it is not necessary to cut meat: chewing, kuna develop jaws.

From dairy products yogurts, low-fat cottage cheese are useful. Whole milk is contraindicated, but kittens have to use cream. At natural feeding the feeding up vitamin complexes is obligatory.

breed Cost

Cats of breed a Maine Coon have a number of the surprising features distinguishing them from other cat breeds. The large sizes and a delightful exterior in combination with cleanliness, accuracy, exclusively positive character and high learning ability do cat breed of one of the most expensive.

More expensive the kitten from the titled parents whose ancestors of a chistokrovna to the fourth knee is. The cost of such handsome begins from 1000 dollars.

But even kids a class will be not much cheaper below. The healthy kitten from nursery with documents and a guarantee of good health will cost from 500 dollars.

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