• Feb 7, 2019

of Cats and cats are often characterized as selfish and even mercenary creations. Allegedly they perceive the person as the slave suitable for delivery of food and other conveniences. In practice cats save life, and the most unusual cases of these manifestations are a lot of surprising and delights.

Cats Save Life the Most Unusual Cases

Prevention of suicide

This story occurred in San Francisco. In it the person managed to be kept in one step from an abyss, and literally. And police officers-negotiators and a pet forced to stop.

Kot on a Grass

Everything began absolutely harmlessly. Police officers stopped the car to check documents at the driver. He stopped on a roadside and waited for them in salon. As soon as it became clear that the car is registered in stealing, the driver quickly got out of the car, reached the next building and began to threaten from there that it will be dumped from height of the third floor.

On such situations police offices have people trained in art of negotiations, and the others spread below mats to make secure in case of a jump. 3 hours of a talk later nothing exchanged, and then was decided to use a nonconventional method. On the scene brought a cat of the car thief then she became the main argument in order that that went down . And it worked.


and 911

A certain Gary Rosheyzen brought to the house a cat by the name of Tommie, expecting that that will help to cope with a stress. Researches repeatedly proved that presence of the pet lowers the level of blood pressure at their owners if it is overestimated because of excess experiences.

Kot and Phone

So it developed that the hero of history already suffered from microstrokes and osteoporosis. Because of it he was chained to a wheelchair. Once Gary dropped out of him, and the medical bracelet for similar situations at it on a hand did not appear. To phone it was far too, and the only live soul only Tommie's cat was near.

There was something unusual further. Kot managed to press phone button where number 911 was kept. The police at once called back, did not wait for the answer and sent patrol that to check everything. There they also found the pet with his owner who appeared in a difficult situation.

Rosheyzen told later that he tried to teach the cat to this trick earlier, but did not expect that the result of trainings will be so effective.

Escape from the yacht

Cats are well familiar with voyages. They were taken on the ships that they hunted rodents, helped to dispel melancholy and served as a team mascot. And the Major Tom, a cat from the Ospri yacht, proved that it not just a mascot, but also extremely useful partner in emergency situations.

Kot on the Face of the Owner

In September, 2015 the yacht appeared near the Australian coast where she leaked. The vessel began to sink, but his captain at this moment slept and had no idea of the imminent threat.

the Major Tom showed persistence and literally parted forcibly the owner. At all not because he was impatient to eat, namely because of potential threat in which both of them appeared. The captain of the vessel woke up, realized deplorableness of a situation and changed on the liferaft, having taken with himself the only crew member.

the Yacht was lost and therefore her owner told that they with Tom should get used to ordinary life on the land.

Kot of Pudding and diabetes

Kot by the name of Pudding was taken from a shelter together with the friend by the name of Uimsi. The decision was impulsive, but subsequently it turned out that it saved Amy Jung's life, the newly made hostess of fluffy creations.

Kot Pulls Together a Blanket

Amy has diabetes of 1 degree. Once she went to bed, but in a dream the diabetic attack began. Pudding paid attention that with the hostess something is not right. The animal began to be pushed and jump on Amy and when it did not work, began to bite her for the person. For a short time she could regain consciousness and call the son.

Her son slept too and did not hear calls. Kot reacted also to it. He ran to the neighboring room and began to awake the boy until that did not wake up. After that the son managed to help the sick mother.

the Strange story has analogs. Animals often act as partners for patients, and cats and cats are capable to feel approach of a hypoglycemia at patients with diabetes. For this purpose they are even specially trained that helps people to avoid attacks.

Superman Cat

Now it is clear that cats and cats not so decorative animal, but real assistants. Advantage of them is extremely big:

  • they conduct hunting for small wreckers;
  • are capable to react to dangerous situations;
  • can feel painful manifestations at owners.

It does them irreplaceable, especially if the person is lonely.

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