• Dec 27, 2019
Each owner tries to equip with

to the pet a soft stove bench, a convenient complex with a kogtetochka, a box with toys. But it is quite often possible to meet a situation when the cat does not even pay attention to a new lodge. And here the package in which it was brought, causes in having a tail rough delight.

Cellophane love: 5 reasons why cats are so not indifferent to packages

Wants to play

The first and most obvious reason – the pet just saw a new toy in a package and wants to play. Cats usually are not attractive in the choice of entertainments at all and just cellophane bag will attract not less, and, most likely, there is even more attention, than a new clockwork mouse.

The package can be driven on a floor, to drag in teeth or to hide inside. All this will allow to carry away a cat this peculiar toy for the whole evening. The cat living in the apartment has not enough entertainments, their life the same proceeds day after day. Therefore even the small package can bring a variety the pet's life.

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In soul even the most sluggish fat cat – a predator. In their nature the passionate love to hunting, a hide-and-seek and a game of tag is put. Rustling of polyethylene or cellophane reminds rustle of a mouse and therefore moustached pets see the production in a cellophane package.

Cellophane rustles from the slightest breeze that forces a cat to prick up the ears, wait and to rush on a package in attempts to catch production. Just entertainment will be pleasant to any cat, causing the hunter's instincts in her soul.

Began to smell

At a cat the used bags use special interest. From them the set of the most different smells proceeds. At cats by nature very sensitive scent, they are capable to feel even the most light smell. So the cellophane package from under products from shop will cause rough delight in the pet.

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The cat will begin to sniff its all evening, with enthusiasm learning all smells, new and new to herself. As soon as really new, earlier unfamiliar aroma is found, the cat will begin to smell it even more attentively, having slightly opened a mouth – more sensitive receptors are located in the top sky.

an Opportunity "to hide"

In any package it is theoretically possible to climb and hide, each cat understands it. But not each bag is useful for a hide-and-seek. Sometimes pets try to go in in the smallest bags, causing laughter of people around.

For a cat this piece of cellophane looks an excellent shelter during hide-and-seek.

Static electricity

Cellophane accumulates on itself static electricity. As soon as the cat approaches cellophane, her wool is attracted, bristles. Fluffy cats like such effect. The package quite often sticks to a hair and is carried on a floor after the pet.

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Some cats do not like such properties of cellophane, but the majority from - them is enraptured with the fact that the rustling bag tries to keep step with them, they perceive it as a peculiar game in a game of tag.

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