• Jan 13, 2020


British short-haired cats quiet, balanced. Thanks to the softness and tenderness, "British" become absolutely easy pets and devoted friends.

They are friendly
also kontaktna, but at the same time are quite independent and are not persuasive, not too talkative. They do not love familiarities.

But do not try to encroach on their freedom or to bother – it irritates "British".
But even in that case they will not show the teeth and will not bite. More likely, will regal be removed, having provided to you to draw conclusions.
the British short-haired cats are clever and perfectly give in to training. It is proved that representatives of breed easily remember about 50 words.

The British short-haired cat is resourceful and seldom gets into situations which she cannot leave with advantage.

"British" are unpretentious, clean, quickly get used to a tray and hygienic procedures, easily adapt to new conditions and adapt under your character and tenor of life.

Representatives of breed well get on with dogs and are ready to bring up foreign kittens, and for the kittens females become excellent mothers. Even after terms of intimacy they are already ready to play with new friends cheerfully. If at you it is several pets, "British", most likely, will play a role of the leader.

Is the true aristocrats constrained, possessing royal manners. You will not be able to induce them to do for anything that to them not to liking.


They are quite self-sufficient
not to suffer from loneliness in your absence, but at the same time will joyfully meet you at a door, will accompany in movements on the apartment and will settle nearby when you watch film. And if to you it is bad, by all means will do everything possible to help.

"British" are not impulsive and aggressive. But if the cat is on street, he right there will dump a luster of high society and will turn into the passionate hunter.

the British short-haired cat can be recommended safely practically to any family. But if you have children, explain to them that the cat is not a toy. If it is careless to behave with the pet, he will be afraid and hide.

Prepare that kittens at the age of 2 – 4 months, despite aristocratism, can behave as hooligans from a gate.
However cannot punish them. They will outgrow the period of natural disasters, and issues of discipline will be resolved by itself.

The British short-haired cats perfectly adapt in life as in the house, and outside, and not bad transfer cool climate.

Special characteristics

Though these cats, generally prefer the spacious house with a garden, they perfectly adapt to any living conditions.

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