• Jan 13, 2020

It is possible to call character of the European short-haired cat excellent, they are not spoiled by thoughtless selection. These are balanced, tender, but at the same time the cats who are not differing in persistence.

European Short-haired Cat Striped Photo

On a photo: European short-haired cat. photo Source: http://www.petpaw.com.au

In character of the European short-haired cat the fidelity and independence are successfully combined. They are not capricious and are not depressed, easily adapt to lifestyle of family in which they live, and at the same time easily accept changes.

An integral part of character of the European short-haired cat – strongly developed hunting instinct. The European short-haired cats still are considered as the best fighters of rodents. They hunt even when are full.

the European short-haired cat perfectly feels both in the city apartment, and in a country house. However consider that these cats jealously protect the territory and can fight with other cats.

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