• Jan 13, 2020

Character of the Nevsky maskaradny cat: features

On character the Nevsky maskaradny cats quiet, balanced, but in offense of will not give. They are full of self-respect.

Is gentle cats. Many compare their devotion to dog.

At the same time they will not begin to impose the society if to you not to them. The Nevsky maskaradny cats can quite find independently business to liking.

On character the Nevsky maskaradny cats are patient and perfectly get on with children. If the small child begins to cry, the cat right there will come running that to calm him, or will call adults. Even in response to quite inconsiderate manifestations of children's love of delivery they will not give. Therefore your task – to protect the pet from involuntary roughness from small children.

These cats perceive new people with some share of vigilance.

Nevsky maskaradny well get on with other pets. Not only other cats, but also, apparently, sworn enemies can become their friends: dogs, decorative rats and mice.

The Nevsky maskaradny cats easily adapt to any conditions.

at the same time the Nevsky maskaradny is quite freedom-loving and if you do not follow, can quite go to walk "in itself".

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