• Jan 13, 2020

Character of a Maine Coon: features

On character Maine Coons — active, benevolent and self-assured, but at the same time reserved cats.

They are affectionate, tender and gentle
with the owner, differ in devotion. Maine Coons perfectly get on with children, showing the patience of job in communication with them. With strangers are loyal, however do not tolerate familiarities. However cats who completely ignore new people meet.

Is great hunters. But the softness and judiciousness allows them to get on easily with other pets, including with dogs and even birds.

Maine Coons are clever and allocated with amazing memory. They are capable to remember many words, distinguish intonation and well understand people.

Maine Coons quickly become attached to the house and seldom run away.

As the character of a Maine Coon affects behavior

At Maine Coons a pleasant voice. As a rule, they communicate with the help of pleasant quiet purring.

These cats are bright, their actions are logical and consecutive. Sometimes it seems that all acts of Maine Coons are completely planned and conscious.
the photo a Maine Coon sleeps On a photo: a Maine Coon
of Maine Coons can train. Many owners are sure that their pets were in antecedents dogs. They easily learn to go on a lead.

Cats take active part in education of kittens, they are careful fathers.

Maine Coons need personal space and have to have an opportunity to retire.

Unlike most of tribesmen, they hate narrow spaces. It is the best of all if your favourite has own spacious a house with a ladder. From there the Maine Coon will watch you.

is also necessary to Them the sufficient territory for walks, they are mobile and curious.

Maine Coons are equally adapted both for life of a rural cat-myshelova, and for career of the exhibition aristocrat.

Dense wool reliably protects a Maine Coon from bad weather therefore some representatives of breed even love a rain and willingly play with drops. And will not refuse to get into water too.

the Maine Coon will suit any family. He will quickly study your habits and easily under them adapts.

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