• Jan 13, 2020

Character of an American curl

On character an American curl — playful, active creation. They are vigorous, but at the same time are balanced and tender. They have a positive view of the world, and of each new day they wait for adventures and entertainments.
They are intelligent
, and prefer communication with people to games with fellows. These cats adore when they are caressed and ironed. But there is also a back: kerla very badly transfer separation from the favourite owner therefore for the busy person who is carrying out about a lshy part of the life at work, the breed will not approach.
Character of American curls is distinguished by almost dog devotion to family in which they live.
the family with children as American curls often feel special love of children can safely get
of the Representative of breed. Your task — to watch that the child did not offend the pet.
the American curl easily gets on with other cat or a friendly dog.
Thanks to appeasable, gentle disposition American curls often take part in programs of an animaloterapiya. They are kept in boarding schools, shelters, nursing homes. It is considered that their presence can affect people soothingly.
Choosing a kitten, learn, how responsibly the manufacturer treated a health issue and socialization of kittens since childhood. Remarkably, if there is an opportunity to get acquainted with both parents to understand whether these cats suit you. And acquaintance to mother is obligatory!

As the character affects behavior of an American curl

American curls easily give in to education. They willingly respond to offers "to give food to mind" and master various tricks, love toys puzzles. They devote to studying of the world around or games much time.

Unlike many other cats, they love long walks, and willingly go on a lead.

the American curl will not refuse to take part in all affairs in which you are engaged. He will read together with you, with enthusiasm to watch the soap opera or to assist in operating time at the computer. Even to a shower with you it is ready to go. So prepare that you will have a fluffy shadow.

At American curls a silent voice, and they are not too talkative. But they by all means will inform of assurances of the love you — by means of gentle cooing or trills.

However if you are very busy, керл will not pursue you. But if you allow it to sit at you on a shoulder and to be rubbed about the person, to his happiness there will be no limit! Still they adore licking owners a rough uvula.

American curls are eternal children, they till an extreme old age keep inquisitiveness and playfulness. Also will jump and play, will not fall down from legs yet.

They perfectly adapt to new conditions.

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