• Jan 13, 2020

Character of the Angora cat

Distinctive feature of character of the Angora cat — the fact that it is the real homebodies. They do not like to leave the room, but adore having a rest on soft small pillows, enjoying rest and silence.
Angora cat of a photo

On a photo: Angora cat

the Angora cats differ in tender and friendly character. At the same time they quite clever also possess ideal manners. They quite easily study and can master simple tricks.

As the character of the Angora cat affects behavior

of the Angora cats consider excellent pets: they vividly are interested in all events, but at the same time disturb nobody. They are quiet and are not inclined to pranks.
However, the Angora cats will not refuse to stay in the center of attention and with pleasure will participate in a conversation.
Manner of the speech of the Angora cats peculiar: instead of miaow they make the uterine purring sounds with the closed mouth.
Thanks to peaceful and sociable character, the Angora cats well are suitable for any family, including for the lonely person.
Angora Cat of a Photo On a photo: Angora cat

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