• Feb 6, 2020
Despite quite frightening appearance, on character-sided – friendly, tender and gentle cats. They are very attached to owners and seek to be constantly near them.
kitten of breed-sided photo
On a photo: cat of breed-sided
Also-sided is characteristic of character of cats of breed playfulness and activity. You will extremely seldom find the favourite quietly lying on a sofa.-Sided constantly play! They drive a ball, catch insects and pursue production. On the behavior they sometimes remind cheerful puppies.
However should considering that sometimes the hunting instinct of a cat-sided can overstep the game bound. And your pet can attack the stranger, the comer on a visit.
are quite capable to get on With other cats or dogs of-sided, and here small living creatures (for example, birds or rodents) to the house where they live, it is better not to bring – the hunting instinct will be stronger than good intentions.
Study-sided quite difficult. However you will not call them silly. Cats werewolves well acquire rules of accommodation in family and try to observe them.
to find a key to heart of a cat-sided, to you it is necessary to gain her trust and love.
Cats of Breed-sided Photo On a photo: cats of breed-sided

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