• Jan 13, 2020

Many people underestimate intelligence of animals, including them beings unreasonable and completely dependent on owners. I categorically do not agree with it! Also I consider that dumb animals, including cats, it is just smarter than people. On this subject we with the husband also had one night a dispute.

Check on sharpness: as Vaska proved that cats class=

It is necessary to tell that our cat Vasily is a full member of family. It has ambitious and slightly rather impudent temper. Sometimes we so for fun also call him: "Impudent red muzzle". When my husband very emotionally proved that the person – a masterpiece, and cat's brains here nearby did not roll, Vaska looked at it not that with a call, but with some bewilderment. So adults look at innocent kids who stir something on "", not absolutely legible language yet. Of course, I could hardly constrain laughter! And here the ingenious thought came to my mind to play a trick on the spouse.

the richest fluffy successors: as cats got the house for 122 thousand euros

"Well, we will compare your mental abilities?" – I asked with a smile. The husband who finished the penetrating tirade only hemmed in reply. And Vasily did not react at all, having been fully confident in the superiority.

For carrying out an unusual experiment I took two rolls and two pieces of tasty boiled sausage. Also gave these "details" to debaters. My blessed, without thinking twice, built sandwich and with pleasure skhomyachit it. The cat did not touch roll, but with not smaller pleasure devoured sausage.

Here I could not constrain laughter! "There now, watch how Vaska made you, – I addressed to nothing to the understanding husband. – He unlike you knows that for the night it is better not to eat fast carbohydrates, and left roll untouched".

the Surprising facts about cats who can shock

I will repeat that business happened in the evening, after 18:00. Really, white loaf is rich with carbohydrates – the main food power source. Therefore all who adhere to healthy nutrition, or keep to a diet, try to exclude it from an evening diet. Otherwise overeating, adjournment of fatty tissues and even insomnia is possible. Here so, the cat was cleverer than the husband!

Certainly, the humour did not estimate spouses and pouted at me even the whole day. To smooth a situation, next day I prepared tasty, but at the same time a healthy dinner – easy salad, the fish baked in an oven. In the course of Vaske's cooking the small fish fell intermittently too and we to him fed the remains of sausage. This red lump of wool deserved an entertainment – as they say in one famous telecast, "own mind"!

Opinion of researchers: as far as cats like to spend time with people

More we on ingenuity of animals do not argue. And before going to bed we do not eat sandwiches.

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