• Feb 14, 2019

In wildlife of mother cat are brought to the kittens by "toys". Usually in this quality the half-dead mouse on which kittens train hunting skills acts. It seems, such mouse also became a prototype of modern interactive toys for cats.

1. Roundabout teaser

The most popular and simple toy is a roundabout with a mouse. Usually the mouse fastens on a hook to a flexible stick rod which rotates around. In more expensive models the mouse not just rotates, but also makes various sounds as a rattle.

Clever Toys for Your Cat

The model is quite interesting, but not to all cats to liking. The matter is that the mouse circles with a constant speed, and it quickly bothers the pet because wildlife is more unpredictable.

Some cats instantly lose interest in a toy. And others try to stop its work at all, having torn off a mouse from a rod and having torn a toy to pieces. Fortunately usually in a set there are spare details to carry away your friend longer.

2. A mouse under a rug

The toy, more interesting to the pet, is a rug under which the mouse is hidden. The most pleasant in this gadget the fact that production not only rustles, but also moves in any directions. The mouse can change speed, is sharp leave aside and even to fade on the place. And in more advanced models the intensity of the movement of "production" can be adjusted.

But this toy is not too durable because it is made of fabric. And if the pet very active, then, most likely, long does not stretch the gadget.

3. A mouse in a mink

More durable interactive toys are made of plastic. They represent a container with openings where the cat's paw can creep. In a container there is a ball or a mouse. Once the pet touches a ball by a pad, that at once will begin to move, besides in the unpredictable direction.

The ball is in the public eye all the time, but it is almost impossible to catch it: it constantly slips out cat's paws, so, the passion at a cat will never be gone. Conveniently and the fact that the ball is never rolled out of limits of a container and a cat will not tire out it for a sofa or for a case. Such game really will carry away your alumna.

Clever Toys for Your Cat

Certainly, more expensive models of "minks" have additional functions and advantages. For example, the ball can be shining. And the form at containers is different. There is even a combined labyrinth with descents and rises which the buyer can connect at discretion, every time surprising the alumna with something brand new.

The only lack of this game is that the cat will never catch the production. It can cause natural disappointment in some pets. Fortunately there are toys with a hollow ball in which it is possible to put a forage. In the course of the game delicacy falls out, and the cat receives a well-deserved reward.

4. Interactive lace

There are also simpler options of toys. For example, interactive lace. It fix on a door, then unwind a lace so that a part it crept on a floor. After turning on of the device, the lace begins to rise and fall serially that steadily draws attention of the pet.

Clever Toys for Your Cat

Speed of operation of the device can be regulated. It runs on ordinary finger-type batteries. And it is almost impossible to break such toy.

5. Laser pointer

It is not absolutely a toy, and it is rather a your cat or dog video nurse. The device is the cube equipped with the microphone, a column and the webcam. Through Wi-Fi the toy connects to the Internet and allows owners not just to watch the pet, but also to communicate with it on a voice communication.

Moreover, the laser pointer is built in a toy. Even being very far from the house, you will be able to play with the pet. Control is exercised by means of a special application for the smartphone.

There is also simpler analog. In it there is neither video camera, nor the microphone – only a laser pointer which automatically moves a beam of light in the accidental direction.

6. Radio-controlled mouse

Clever Toys for Your Cat

An interesting toy – a mouse on remote control. Such entertainments cost not much and very much it are pleasant to cats. If to try, it is possible to find mice of the different sizes. However, unlike the majority of other clever toys, entertainment with this after all will require participation of owners – independently the mouse is not able to ride.

7. Artificial aquarium

It is also possible to find artificial aquariums with a small fish who moves on the programmed trajectory in sale. It is impossible to play with it, but if the alumna likes to watch the street in a window, then and such aquarium will interest her. It runs on ordinary batteries.

8. Exercise machine wheel

If the cat adores running, the wheel in which he can run infinitely long will be to the taste to him. Similar exercise machines put in cages for rodents. But the cat's version many times is more and stronger.

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