• Jan 13, 2020

For the first time kornish-reks I faced cats of breed about nine years ago. I was not going to bring anybody, but when saw this miracle, it became interesting what cats with curly wool are. And then also learned that from them there is no house of wool. It was important – I had a small child. So I decided to get a kornish-reks. We went, looked at a kitten, at once reserved him, and in a month took away.

It. My following cat was from Russia: it became interesting to be engaged in cultivation, and I bought an animal who conformed to standards of breed more. These the cat and a cat from Lithuania became ancestors (yes, the cat can only become the ancestor, but otherwise you will not call:-)) our nursery.


And already buy kittens from us both in near, and to foreign countries – both as pets, and for nurseries. Our graduates live in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Canada, the Republic of South Africa, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries.

What kornish-reksa happen?

There is a widespread concept — the American and European type. In due time pedigree lines strongly dispersed, and Europeans paid attention to wool more, and Americans – to graceful type of a cat. Now this rather leaving concept as thanks to exchange many lines mixed up, and will be currently more correct to speak not about Europeans and Americans, and about starotipny and modern kornisha.

Modern kornish-reksa – high, have long legs and a tail, a thin long body with an arch on a back, the oviform medium-sized head, large ears and good wool. Starotipnye are more similar to traditional cats, just with curly-headed wool.

What kornish-reksa differ in from other cats?

Externally: the main pedigree sign – curly-headed karakulchevy wool, thin type.

On temperament: the main difference of a kornish-reks from other cats that they are rather sociable. Sometimes they are compared to dogs. The cat, of course, is not a dog, but on the level of communication, desire to be pleasant to the owner and to serve it, the kornish-reks can really be compared to a dog.

Cornysh-reks will be with you nearby, to participate in all household chores, with pleasure will support all your initiatives and perfectly understands owners. When you talk to them, it is visible that the cat understands that you told her.

From experience: In my opinion, "boys" more sotsialna in the sense that they try to please, understand more that is wanted by the owner. "Girls" too very tender, but they are aimed at that loved them.

I think, it is caused prirodno as purpose of a female – to bring forth offspring, and she anyway has an opportunity to give birth to kittens, there would be at least one male. Also its task – to keep posterity for what it has to be healthy, loved also in good condition. And at cats rather fierce competition, several cats can choose one male, and the majority of cats remains without couple, therefore, their sort will be interrupted, and it is the greatest natural mission! Therefore for them it is important to know that is wanted by the soulmate, to do a favor and become irreplaceable.

Cornysh-reksy – playful cats, also keep this quality for the rest of life. They are inquisitive, active and if there is an opportunity to surf somewhere above, will surely use.

But, certainly, at each animal the preferences.

Will be suitable kornish-reks for family with children?

One of our main target audiences are families with children of any age. Cornysh-reksy very well get on with children.

However it is necessary to watch that children did not offend a cat. Cornysh-reks not will neither bite, nor to be scratched and if the child active and not really still understands that he can hurt the pet, the cat can suffer.

As your cats get on among themselves?

As at and people, they have different sympathies: to someone it is more, to someone it is less. In principle, they rather friendly, and very often take our kittens to the second animals both to cats, and to dogs.

As far as kornish-reksa are whimsical in leaving?

Unlike standard ideas of cats, kornish-reksa are liked to be eaten. And often it is necessary to watch that they did not overeat, to observe the menu. Especially it concerns eunuchs.

they Eat with

both a forage, and natural products. I lure the cats natural food: I give cottage cheese and meat.

From experience: Some say that kornish-reks – hypoallergenic breed. Nevertheless, the allergy to these cats happens. However, as from them there is no wool on the house, and at the same time they not naked thanks to what there are no plentiful skin allocations, risks considerably decrease.

Kittens leave already accustomed to a tray our nursery, and in the new house it is necessary to track only that they understood where there is a tray, and reached it.

the Type of filler – a question of individual preferences. In my opinion, it is more convenient to use silicone filler under a lattice as it pricks pads and rustles, and many cats do not love it. And under a lattice it works perfectly. Wood filler favorable at the price and cats is pleasant, however the expense at it is more, than at clay.

Average life expectancy of a kornish-reks same, as well as at an ordinary domestic cat – about 15 years.

cats of breed kornish-reks are How popular ?

I think that kornish-reks – not that breed which will make the stunning success at general public, at least, in the nearest future. Because they do not fit into widespread templates of "cat's beauty" — like large, shaggy, brutal котэ, or koto-cuties.

Looking at Cornysh-reksa obviously - it is a thoroughbred cat. Original wool, specific podzharost and non-standard temperament. Such here original and at the same time not so defiant "anti-cat" as sphinx.

Opinion of the manufacturer: To understand a kornish-reks, with him it is necessary to stay some time, to see his grace and grace. Sometimes even write us to Instagram: "Faugh, what muck!" I do not delete these messages – as a rule, our admirers answer. What can I tell? Cornysh-reks – breed for people with refined taste.

what you pay attention to, electing owners for kittens? To whom will not suit kornish-reks?

I would not recommend to take a kornish-reks to people contemplators, that is and decorated with that who wants that the cat lay somewhere an interior though, undoubtedly - it is a beautiful and non-standard cat! Nevertheless, it not interior animal. Cornysh-reks will actively participate in your life, to meet you, to climb on hands, to embrace and rub. If the person does not want such corporal contact, this animal not for it.

for the rest kornish-reksa are rather flexible creations which adapt to the owner and try to please.

How much is kitten of breed kornish-reks?

The price on Peta (pet) and a kitten for cultivation differs.

the Average cost of Cornysh who will be a pet – 400 – 500 dollars. How to distinguish a kitten with high pedigree qualities from "pig in a poke"? Such kitten will be imparted, with veterinary documents, with a family tree and is castrated even before transfer to the new owner. Such actions serve as a marker of a responsible attitude of the manufacturer to his activity. Why? It is one of components and a top of an iceberg, kitten cost. If the manufacturer is not ready to pay for it, then it is absolutely improbable that he is ready to pay all the rest that is applied to successful receiving a good dung, such as: good producers, exhibitions, worthy leaving, etc.

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