• Apr 22, 2019

Persian cats in Russia — some of the most popular animals. Though pets rather appeared recently in Europe, they very quickly gain popularity and there. Their grace and temper won not one heart. And the severe climate and natural selection led to the fact that animal these very strong and healthy. It is simple to support them, but 7 advice on care of a Persian cat will help to make life of the pet happier.

Councils for Care of a Persian Cat

of the Basis of leaving

Such pet has wool which has no tendency to emergence of koltun . However follows moderately regularly (enough once a week) to comb out an animal. is better to use for this purpose a brush with a soft bristle .

Fade in the spring, then it is necessary to comb out the favourite a little more often, and it is better every day.

Care of a Persian Cat

the Most weak spots:

  • Armpits.
  • Groin.
  • Neck.

of the Bathtub are not necessary, but if there is such need, then with Siberians it will be a little easier, than with other breeds because the same as the Bengalese cats, they love water.

It is necessary to control a condition of an oral cavity as these animals have the increased tendency to diseases of teeth, emergence of deposits of a scale. It is worth visiting the doctor-veterinarian, at least, once a year to check dental health of a cat.

Influence of food

Persian cats are not choosy, but demand well balanced diet and a qualitative forage. If there is desire to prepare, it is necessary to remember that these animals are extremely sensitive to deficiency of separate elements, and sometimes for drawing up an ideal diet for a cat it is worth addressing the expert in this area.

Food of a Persian Cat

As a rule, animals these healthy, with characteristic predisposition to such diseases, as a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

the Disease arises including because of genetic factors , but the myocardium hypertrophy can also result, for example, from a thyrotoxicosis, congenital defects of the structure of heart (for example, narrowings of an aorta and, as a result of it, hypertensia) and also can be a consequence of inflammation of a cardiac muscle (for example, because of viral diseases, including a leukosis).

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