• Apr 21, 2019

Vitamins for a cat needs to be bought in case of the shortage of nutrients or at reception of the forage containing only a small amount of meat. Buying them, it is worth paying attention to age, weight and the state of health of a cat.

Vitamins: how to keep health of the pet

Besides, these councils for the choice of vitamins for cats have to help. Giving to a cat of sterns with a large amount of fillers, as a rule, of grain crops, ashes and soy, it is worth taking vitamin supplements. It is the best of all to choose sticks or canned food.

of the Rule of the choice

It is hard to choose a forage for the pet that it had enough useful elements. Making the decision on purchase of a forage for a cat, it is necessary to check its structure and not to buy products with a large number of cereals.

Councils for the Choice of Vitamins for Cats

It fillers which do not give to an animal of nutrients. the Price optional tells about quality of products .

It is necessary to pay attention to a source of animal protein in food. It is better to choose a forage with corn and, for example, fish meal. of the Forage for pets, as a rule, contain as well fat of chicken .

is a part of fat of a bird vitamin E, add to it and extract of rosemary which carries out a preservative role.

Structure of a diet

Having analysed structure of a forage, it is possible to choose additives to it.

needs to select them so that they compensated for the deficiency of important elements.

At a diet there have to be following vitamins:

How to Choose Vitamins for Cats

  • And — affects sight, leather and wool.
  • In — the deficiency affects energy, work of heart.
  • With — maintains immunity of a cat,
  • D — is responsible for intake of calcium and phosphorus; the cat does not develop them independently therefore D has to arrive together with food.
  • Е — the deficiency can damage bodies and muscles,

vitamins A, C and E and also biotin, zinc and Riboflavinum are responsible For health and appearance of wool. Pets can give the delicacies containing biotin which improve a condition of wool. In case of sudden deterioration in its appearance or problems with skin, for example, of appearance of dandruff, it is necessary to bring a cat to the veterinarian.

These symptoms can also testify, for example, to atopic dermatitis or to hormonal problems.

the Deficiency of some elements in an organism can provoke also problems in an urinary system. For this reason the cat can begin to defecate anywhere, but not in a tray.

Such symptom should not be ignored — possibly, it is necessary to replace a diet at the pet. Too low level of B3 vitamin causes fast decrease in body weight.

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