• May 11, 2019

Phytotherapy remains popular, despite emergence of modern medicines. Treat herbs not only people, but also pets. Besides, 10 most useful herbs for cats and dogs can be used as prevention of various diseases and the all-strengthening means.

10 most useful herbs for cats and dogs

Phytotherapy for pets

Advantage of herbs in comparison with purchased medicines — smaller amount of side effects. Some drugs can provoke failures in work of healthy bodies of an animal, especially it is noticeable at medicines for treatment of skin and kidneys and also antiviral and various vaccines. Phytotherapy is directed, generally to strengthening of own protective forces of an organism of the pet .

Wormwood — Antifungal, Helminthic.

The Plantain — Fixes at Relaxation of a Chair

  1. the Wormwood — antifungal, helminthic.
  2. The sage — helps at relaxation of a chair, strengthens the effect of drugs for treatment of kidneys.
  3. the Calendula — laxative, antiallergic, helps at diseases of a liver and stomach ulcer, outwardly — from wounds and burns.
  4. The marjoram (oregano) — calming, diuretic, is useful at benign tumors.
  5. Parsley — anti-inflammatory, spazmolitichesky. It is vitamin-rich, it is applied at an urolithic disease and cardiovascular diseases.
  6. Caraway seeds — from a meteorizm, help from inflammations, enteritis, the enterokolit. Stimulates appetite.
  7. — fixes the Plantain at relaxation of a chair, heals wounds. The lanceolate version purifies blood.
  8. A yarrow — antiallergic, antifungal, fixing; increases appetite, strengthens action of means for treatment of pyelonephritis.
  9. the Anise — spazmolitichesky, anti-inflammatory, febrifugal, expectorant. It is vitamin-rich.
  10. A shepherd's bag — from bleedings, fever.

Of course if a serious illness — not to do without the drugs appointed by the veterinarian. Though in case of impossibility for some reason to buy medicines, phytotherapy can be used as an alternative.

How to apply herbs to pets

It is necessary to give herbs to cats and dogs in the form of water extracts because the gastrointestinal tract of pets is not capable to acquire medical substances from a plant directly. Do strong infusions of largely cut vegetable raw materials — 1 tablespoon with the hill on 250 ml of boiled water. Insist within an hour, carefully filter from the remains of a grass and add to an animal several spoons to water or vypaivat in pure form.

How to Apply Herbs to Pets

the Wormwood can be mixed with food.

On a dosage it is very desirable to consult with the doctor, the veterinarian will prompt also possible contraindications.

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