• Apr 4, 2017


General view

British short-haired are large, stocky cats with a broad chest.
round. The muzzle is large, with a wide short nose and thick cheeks. The atypical structure of a muzzle – characteristic sign of breed. Because of it at "British" special, inherent only to them expression.
Ears of the average size with the rounded-off tips.
of an Eye big, round, widely placed, honey, yellowish or bright orange color. Color of eyes — distinctive feature of "British". Therefore if you see the cat similar on British short-haired, but with green eyes, so it is a hybrid.
of the Leg strong, short. Paws are compact, round.
the Tail short, thick, with a stupid tip.
Wool dense, short, "velveteen" (plush).
Colours are various: from silvery tiking-tabb to chocolate and black. Quantity of colors of the British short-haired cat — nearly 6 tens! The most widespread: one-color (white, black, red, blue, cream), two-color, a color from any color tikingy, etc.
At the British short-haired cats of a black color a sad story. In the Middle Ages they were considered "devil spawns". However now on the historical homeland, in Great Britain, it is considered that black cats bring good luck.


is considered the Original color tabb. It can be black or brown, silvery or red and have several kinds of the drawing: spotty, marble or tiger. More dark patterns accurately appear on lighter background. There is an opinion that the name "tabb" is connected with strips or relief stains on the surface of the taffeta known in England as silk-tabbi. In sounding of this name echoes of the name of the Baghdad quarter of Attabiya where the foundation was laid for production of such fabric are heard.

On a photo: British short-haired cats. Photo: DogCatFan.com

the Marble drawing of a tabba assumes existence of symmetrically located large stains on sides, a neck and breast. On the head of a cat — a characteristic pattern with letter "M" as if the murlyka frowns.
the Name of a color "tiger" speaks for itself. The narrow continuous line passes from a nape to the tail basis. Other surface of a trunk is covered with the narrow strips going vertically down from the line of a backbone. In this case on a muzzle there is also letter "M".
the Spotty drawing assumes existence of the numerous spots (round, oval or in the form of the socket) differing from the main tone of a color markedly. Along a back there passes the faltering strip, the broken-off "necklaces" on breasts and "bracelets" on extremities also consist of spots.
As the cat kept natural shape, it is quite difficult to nonspecialist to distinguish a thoroughbred kitten from a hybrid. Therefore if to you the origin of the pet is important, it is better to buy the British short-haired cat from the manufacturer with good reputation.


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