• Feb 6, 2020

the Description of the Nevsky maskaradny cat is reflected in standards of breed.

On a photo: Nevsky maskaradny cat. Photo: ru.wikipedia.org
According to the description, the Nevsky maskaradny cat in everything, except a color, conforms to standards of Persian cats. This is a strong, massive, brawny cat of the big or average size.

The muzzle is trapezoid, wide, with outstanding cheeks, a chin strong, but not the speaker.

The ears of the average size wide in the basis which are a little inclined forward with the rounded-off tips.

Eyes are big, oval, widely placed, with a blue iris.

The neck is short, powerful.

Legs are long, direct, strong.

Paws are big, roundish, with wool between fingers.

A tail of average length, in the basis wide and strong, densely trimmed. Tail tip stupid.

Hair of the Nevsky maskaradny cat long, dense, with a double underfur, magnificent "jabot" and "panties" are characteristic.

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