• Jan 13, 2020

Maine Coons are strong, thickset, strong cats. They the largest among domestic cats (the weight reaches 18 kg). Males where massivny females. Both those, and others mature quite slowly, reaching a full maturity only by 4 years.

the Muzzle large, a wedge-shaped form, width is a little more than height.

Ears big, upright, highly put, with the pointed tips.

of an Eye widely placed, round, a little slanting, with a golden or greenish iris. Can be copper, green or golden color, and they do not have to be combined with a wool color. Expression of eyes reminds eyes of an owl.

A nose of average length with small dredging at the basis.

Neck rather short, thick, strong.

Trunk of the average size, strong, brawny.

of the Leg of average length and thickness, roundish, brawny.

of the Paw compact, average size.

the Tail long, narrowed to a tip, with wavy wool. He surprisingly reminds a tail of a raccoon, and are obliged to this feature of a cat by the name ("kuna" in translation "raccoon" means).
photo Maine Coon striped
Wool long, brilliant, heavy. An integumentary hair unusually thick, an underfur — easy and fluffy. Wool at Maine Coons shines, but not fat. On a muzzle and shoulders wool is shorter, than on a stomach, a back and hinder legs. Wool length gradually increases from the head to a tail. On a neck — a magnificent collar, on hind legs — magnificent "trousers". A fluffy tail the sultan from the long fluttering wool crowns.

a Variety of colors (from white to tortoise) allows to choose the pet for every taste.

often meet white marks around a mouth At kinds of a color of a tabba and on a chin while white "tie", i.e. a mark on a neck, is very characteristic of this breed.

The mark in the form of letter "M" on a forehead is noticeable both at red, and at silvery tabb.

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