• Feb 6, 2020
the Russian blue — a beautiful cat of the average size, thin and graceful, but at the same time strong and brawny.
the Body extended, flexible, graceful.
of a conditional and wedge-shaped form, nasolabial part dulled. Small pillows of moustaches are distinctly looked through.
the Ears pointed, big, stand vertically. Strands of wood are practically absent on inside of ears therefore ears seem almost transparent.
As for nose, according to the standard of the USA it has to be dark gray, and according to standards of Great Britain — bluish-gray.
charming kitten of the Russian blue cat of a photo
On a photo: Russian blue cat. The photo is provided by nursery of "Lukosan"
of an Eye of the Russian blue cats amazingly beautiful: almond-shaped, big, widely put, emerald-green.
of the Paw harmonious, long, a foot small, slightly rounded. It strengthens an impression of refinement and grace even more. Hind legs are a little longer than lobbies.
the Long tail is narrowed to a tip.
Wool velvety and soft, short, dense, blue color with a silvery outflow.
Characteristic feature of breed: wonderful two-layer dense fur which silvery tips of hairs form similarity of a flickering aura around a cat's body. Some consider that fantastically beautiful hair of these cats is similar to fur of seals — perhaps, thanks to silvery gloss.
One more feature: all "details" of appearance of the Russian blue cats according to the standard — one color, including a nose and small pillows of paws. Only emerald-green eyes are excreted on this background.
Russian blue cat beautiful photos On a photo: Russian blue cat

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