• Jan 13, 2020

The description of cats of breed манчкин is reflected in the standard.

Distinctive feature of manchkin — short pads, at the same time length of a backbone remained usual. Short paws, however, do not prevent manchkina to move quickly enough.
Cat Manchkin Photo
On a photo: A cat манчкин, matching the description of breed

According to the description of breed, a manchkina are both short-haired, and long-haired. Anyway, wool has to be silky, smooth, with a moderate underfur. At a long-haired version a tail fluffy, and on hinder legs — "panties".

the Colour of a manchkin can be any.

of the average size proportional to trunk size.

Ears wide at the basis, the tips which are slightly rounded off.

of an Eye of a manchkin can remind walnuts in a form, and can be almond-shaped. Eyes are quite big. Color of eyes can be any, without communication with the main color.

Neck of average length, quite thick.

Trunk of the average size.

Back extremities of a manchkin is a little longer than lobbies.

the Weight of a manchkin varies from 2 to 6 kg.

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