• Feb 6, 2020
Don Sphinx of a Photo
On a photo: Don sphinx
The description of the Don sphinxes is reflected in official standards of breed.
According to the description, the Don sfinska – cats of the average size. The cat weighs 4 — 5 kg, cats — about 3 kg.
Frame dense, addition harmonious and proportional.
Body strong, brawny, thorax wide.
Tail long, hlystovidny.
of the Paw long, graceful. Fingers are long, are connected by membranes.
of special type: the pronounced frontal bones and cheekbones, beautiful almond-shaped eyes slantwise put and surrounded with skin folds and the huge ears with the wide basis which are widely put, a little inclined forward with the rounded-off tips. Moustaches are wavy, can be broken shortly off.
Neck long, brawny.
Wool can be absent both partially, and completely. In the first case it short, velvety.
On the head, a neck, a stomach, paws and a tail — a set of wrinkles.

The description of the Don sphinx says that the color can be any.

the Body temperature of the Don sphinx increased (is normal: 40 — 42 degrees).

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