• Jan 13, 2020

The description of cats of breed-sided is very peculiar.
First that is evident at a view of cats of breed-sided – wool at them partially is absent. Paws at them naked, around eyes and a nose – small high temples. According to experts, similar partial baldness is a result of a natural mutation. In places where wool is absent, pink skin appears through.
kittens of breed-sided photo
On a photo: cat of breed-sided

Wool (in those places where it remained) is similar to opossum fur.

the Colour can be only one: black with a gray hair.

Body flexible, massive.

Characteristic of cats of breed-sided, giving them a mystical look – unusual eyes: big, round and yellow.

according to many manufacturers and owners, the muzzle of a cat werewolf reminds a bat.

Hardly these creations can call very nice. Nevertheless, they become quite popular. Despite an unattractive look,-sided are very nice on the touch.
Cat of Breed-sided Photo On a photo: cat of breed-sided

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