• Sep 16, 2019
at the age of 8 – 10 years in a cat's organism occur changes. Unfortunately, it concerns also health. What diseases most often overtake old cats and how to help the elderly pet?
 Diseases of old cats of a photo

What diseases occur in old cats?

  • Osteoartrit (a disease of joints) meets at 65% мурлык 12 years and is more senior. Because of joint pain the cat becomes less mobile and can become irritable. Do not blame her for it!
  • the High pressure (hypertension) can be the cause that at night the cat shouts, is guided in space worse, senselessly beats about the bush, faints. Sometimes there are spasms.
  • the Chronic disease of kidneys at a cat – the possible reason of untidiness when your favourite goes to a toilet where is necessary. At the same time the cat feels strong thirst and constantly drinks, including from the capacities absolutely not similar to a cat's bowl.
  • Zabolenvaniye of a thyroid gland the gipertireoidizm can have such symptoms as aggression and concern, in addition, at a cat the appetite and tastes changes.
  • Diabetes on symptomatology reminds diseases of kidneys and also can cause irritability and muscle pain because of what the cat nervously reacts to touches.
  • the Infection of an uric path – the reason of pain and discomfort in kidneys and a bladder. Symptoms: depression, concern, aggression and "wrong" urination.
  • Periodontosis (a disease of gums) leads to change of appetite, diseases of digestive tract and weight reduction.
  • Blindness and deafness. If to cats to adapt to a blindness quite easily, with deafness everything is much worse. The deaf or hearing-impaired cat loudly mews, she badly hears herself.
  • the Tumour of a brain occurs in the cats who passed a 11 anniversary threshold. Symptoms: circular motions, concern, spasms.
  • Infectious diseases (toxoplasmosis, infectious peritonitis, viral leukemia, a virus immunodeficiency) cause neurologic violations which are shown in change of behavior.
Thus, is a lot of diseases threatening to old cats. To make the exact diagnosis and to appoint treatment, it is necessary to address the veterinarian.
If behavior changed, but the obvious reason is not clear, the diagnosis the syndrome of cognitive dysfunction (SCD) is made. At people this disease is better known as Alzheimer's disease. At cats it is worth talking about this disease in more detail.

 Diseases of old cats of a photo

the Syndrome of cognitive dysfunction – a disease of old cats

leads the Syndrome of cognitive dysfunction to the fact that mental capacities of a cat decrease that affects thinking and memory. The cat acquires new knowledge worse and gains new skills.

About 30% of cats at the age of 11 – 14 years and a half of cats are more senior than 15 years suffer from a syndrome of cognitive dysfunction.

the Most obvious symptom of this disease – a disorientation. The cat cannot find a way to a door, is slaughtered under furniture or into a corner, does not recognize the owner and other pets, flies on jambs, does not approach on call.

is Often broken the mode of wakefulness and a dream (the cat confuses day and night), there are aimless movements, the cat goes to a toilet in not put places, does not seek to communicate with owners.

the Reasons of a syndrome of cognitive dysfunction at old cats

  • Violations of cerebral blood supply.
  • Damages of fabrics by free radicals.

Diagnostics of a syndrome of cognitive dysfunction at cats

precisely to define why the behavior of a cat changed, it is necessary to conduct full examination. Alas, often diagnostics is complicated by presence of associated diseases which can aggravate a condition of a cat even more.

Treatment of a syndrome of cognitive dysfunction at old cats

Unfortunately, cats at us have the resolved medicines for treatment of a syndrome of cognitive dysfunction of no

is helped Sometimes by modification of a diet. The forage of an old cat has to contain irreplaceable fatty acids, antioxidants (beta carotene, vitamins C and E), hondroprotektor, L-carnitine amino acids and a lysine.

I will be helped, of course, by attention and care of you, rest and creation of a cozy and safe situation for an elderly cat.

 Diseases of old cats of a photo

Prevention of diseases of old cats

in time to diagnose a disease and to begin treatment, regularly visit the veterinarian for full inspection. It is necessary to do it at least 1 - 2 time a year.

Remember that in due time revealed disease it is simpler to treat, and chances of long happy life at your cat will be much bigger. She it deserved!

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