• Feb 25, 2019

of the Flea — the wingless insects who are carriers of many dangerous diseases, thereby they pose a threat for health of inhabitants of the room in which ektoparazita live. In this regard owners of the domestic cats infected with bloodsuckers are forced to take measures for extermination of the parasitizing insects. There are 5 easy ways of disposal of the apartment of cat's fleas, all of them differ in high efficiency.


Processing by store insecticides

Actions for elimination of ektoparazit come down to high-quality cleaning of the apartment by means of water and the vacuum cleaner and also processing of the room and pieces of furniture disinsectors. On representatives of family flea the destroying impact is made by aerosols and solutions which prepare from concentrates and emulsions.

Means from Fleas

The locations of eggs and larvae of a cat's flea are recommended to be processed in addition dustovy powders. Effective remedies are Biorin, Fenaksin, the Battalion commander, Hlorpirimark, Tsifoks .

In addition it is necessary to wet in solution from ektoparazit all textiles, linen, and then to wash them. The cat needs also to be saved from bloodsuckers by means of insecticidal shampoo, drops or spray, and then to put on an animal a special collar in order to avoid repeated infection.

Preparation of grass infusion

As the parasitizing insects do not transfer some smells, it is recommended to apply herb infusion to their destruction, having specific aroma.

That to make it, the following components will be necessary:


  • 1 tablespoon of a wormwood;
  • 1 tablespoon of a tansy;
  • 1 tablespoon of leaves of an eucalyptus;
  • 250 ml of boiled water.

Vegetable raw materials are required to mix, fill in with hot water all components and to insist within 12 hours. After that it is necessary to filter solution, to pour it in a bottle with a spray and to spray with infusion household items, clothes, a floor and walls. the Wormwood, leaves of an eucalyptus or a tansy can be applied both in preventive, and in the medical purposes.

Besides, quickly it is possible to exterminate fleas if to spread out bunches of a fresh grass on all apartment.

Production of means from garlic and yeast

To destroy bloodsuckers, it is recommended to process carpet and floor coverings special infusion.

The following products will be necessary for for its preparation:

Beer Yeast

  • 3 tsps of beer yeast;
  • 3 garlick segments.

Garlic needs to be passed through a press, and then to mix gruel with beer yeast. After that the received structure it is necessary to process a floor and carpets, and after 24 hours to tide up by means of the vacuum cleaner. The smell of this means is capable to banish forever fleas from the room.

Besides, will be possible to exterminate blood-suckers if to spread out garlick teeth on the house, replacing them fresh from time to time.

Use of salt and soda

It is possible to fight against ektoparazita in the apartment by means of soda and salt solution. Salt and baking soda are taken in identical proportions, dissolve them in a small amount of water and sprayed over floor coverings. Next day it is necessary only to vacuum the room.

Salt and Water

This structure is suitable also for bathing of a pet. Rock salt should be dissolved in hot water in a proportion 1:10, and then to ship up to a neck in the prepared solution of a cat for 5 minutes. Then it is necessary to rinse a pet with clear water. Such way is not suitable for use if at the pet is on a body of a wound or scratch.

Use of essential oils

To exterminate fleas it will turn out also by means of essential oils. It is possible to get them in any drugstore.

the Parasitizing insects do not transfer aromas:


  • eucalyptus;
  • mints;
  • carnations;
  • anise.

Eucalyptus, mint, clove or anisic oil requires to process all external surfaces in the apartment. After holding such procedure parasites will disappear for long time.

Thus, exists many ways helping to exterminate cat's fleas. For this purpose the professional products or folk remedies can be used.

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