• Apr 5, 2019

to Very few people from people are clear experiences of pets which remained thrown. Bitterness, misunderstanding, feeling of loss – and it not all that is tested by pets who were thrown. The kitty by the name of Marcie was influenced by it. Her owners went to other city on full-time residence, and decided to leave the alumna in the yard in a cardboard box.

The domestic kitty who is not adapted for life on the street at all very much suffered. To it it was cold, and she was interrupted by tips of neighbors.

Fortunately, once to this yard to the brother there arrived Rebecca who saw her and at once fell in love. She could not pass by the kitty shivering from cold, and took away it to herself. Having shown to the veterinarian, Rebecca found a set of diseases which it was necessary to treat at a cat.

Fortunately, everything ended well, and Marcie found the new hostess whom it is not ready to leave under any pretext.

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