• Mar 16, 2019

of the Cat there live near people more than 10 thousand years. Efforts of felinologists removed more than 250 breeds most of which can be met almost in each house. Someone takes a kitten from a shelter or saves a street bezdomysh from starvation, but true judges of cat's exotic try to get the kid only from the checked manufacturers. And viewing of a selection of the most rare cat breeds will help to choose future pet and to learn its cost.

The Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Rare breeds are not only removed selektsionno. The representatives who occurred from ancient cats and kept the exotic appearance in almost original state remained.

this short review is also chosen For persons interested to get the unique rare pet:

Top of the Most Expensive Breeds of Kotshka

Cat of Breed Toyger

  1. Kao-attract ~ $7000 — 10000. In ancient Siam kao-attract lived only in notable families and were considered as a mascot of good luck and luck. Feature — different eyes (one — blue, the second — yellow).
  2. Asher ~ $22000 — 100000. Result of selection of a domestic cat and Asian leopard cat. Weight is 14 kg, and length — to meter. It is hypoallergenic. Gets on with pets and gets on with children.
  3. Laperm ~ $1200 — 2000. One more hypoallergenic breed with curly wool, is removed in 1980 in the USA. Gets on with other pets , has quiet character.
  4. Serengeti ~ $600 — 2000. Treats large cats: weight is 8−12 kg, a strong constitution, long legs, large ears.
  5. Elf ~ $1500−2000. One of young cat's breeds, is removed in the USA in 2006. Elves are naughty, clever and devoted.
  6. Toyger ~ $500 — 3000. The large cat with a tigerish color, was brought for inspiration of people to care for preservation of tigers.
  7. American curl ~ $1000 — 3000. Feature of kerl — the ears wrapped back which are wrapped at newborn kittens for the 10th day of life.
  8. Chauz ~ $8000 — 20000. One of the most rare breeds which ancestor is the marsh lynx. Perfectly gets on with other animals and does not transfer loneliness .
  9. Caracal ~ $7000 — 10000. Is under the threat of disappearance, and for preservation of this unique species of caracals began to part in nurseries.
  10. Savanna ~ $4000 — 22000. Breed — result of crossing of a wild serval and a domestic cat. The adult individual up to 15 kg weighs, and grows to 60 cm in withers.

so different Cats — fluffy, nonhairy, korotkolapy, long-legged, large and absolutely small . But all of them such lovely, soft and favourite and it is unimportant, not purebred they or are bought for huge money.

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