• Feb 11, 2019

Information on toxoplasmosis — an infectious disease which at a stage of pregnancy causes damage of a brain of a fruit became a basis of a hypothesis of danger of violation of children's mentality from communication with cats. Growth of diseases was noted in big cities where population of these animals therefore assumed communication of deviations in health with population is higher. Established later that cats were harmless to mentality of children in sparsely populated points.

Cats Were Harmless to Mentality of Children

Primary researches recognized as incorrect consisted in statistical poll of adults with mental deviations and without them. Were analyzed their memories of existence of animals in the house and contacts with them for the different periods of life.

Methodical approach was based on development of a series of questions, correctness of their formulations and availability to respondents.

Children and Animals

The reliability of the data based on memoirs of last years raised doubts, therefore the new cycle of researches was organized in which children 1991−1992 year of birth were studied. Medical examination of the state of health was conducted in 13 and 18 years.

complemented Statistical polls with objective studying of possible diseases at all family members to avoid a mistake in the analysis of results.

In an experiment studied about 5 thousand representatives of the younger generation. Among factors of the estimated analysis were:

Existence of Animals in the House, where Small Children

  • presence of cats during pregnancy of mother;
  • communication with pets after the birth;
  • family number;
  • social status.

Animals and Pregnancy

the pregnancy Period was studied with special care for an exception of influence of infection with infectious diseases which could distort conclusions. Having compared results of inspections, it was established, that the contact in the house with animals till birth has no negative impact on development of small penises of family. Their social conditions and an economic situation have bigger value. It was recommended to pregnant women to avoid contact with pets because of possible infection with toxoplasmosis.

Existence of the irritating factors affecting adequacy of behavior of younger generation remains the major indicator which gives the chance to predict their future state of health therefore similar researches remain relevant.

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