• Feb 16, 2020
If your pet ceased to eat

and behaves unusually, then perhaps he got sick. Often owners do not know by what signs to determine an illness and consider that the cat just is capricious.

Disease of a Cat

Loses coordination and falls

If the favourite loses balance and faints, then he could get poisoned. Many cats, as well as dogs who walk on the street often select garbage, the low-quality, and at times and poisoned food. As can be the reason of poisoning.

But also at home it is necessary to watch food of a cat. You show consideration for products and a forage which you give to the pet.

Besides, such signs can speak about a peripheral vestibular syndrome. This disease sometimes is followed by a shiver and vomiting.

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does not respond to call

If the cat ceased to respond to call, then it is an alarming sign. Such trouble can be connected with absence or a partial hearing disorder.

The degeneration of an inner ear is the reason of this disease. At the same time the pet can loudly mew and look alarmed.

The hearing disorder arises because of the postponed infectious diseases, aging of an animal, poisoning or a tumor.

Strongly has wool

If you noticed that wool of the favourite became not such dense any more, and on a floor scraps constantly lie, then it is possible at it an alopetion.

The animal fur coat at the same time becomes dim and ceases to shine. The reasons of baldness can be the following: allergy, diseases of an endocrine system, frequent use of a furminator. In the latter case you should ceasing to comb often the pet and to observe his state.

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Constantly wants to drink

It is necessary to remember that cats who eat a dry feed always drink more. It is important to observe how often they use water because without it the organism will be dehydrated.

But also excessive thirst will become a disturbing symptom. It can signal about diabetes. Norm of the consumed liquid for cats are 60–120 ml/kg of weight a day.

the Disorientation in space

Such symptom can testify to Alzheimer's disease. At the same time often there are following signs:

  • apathy;
  • aggressive behavior;
  • loud miaow;
  • the animal looks in one point;
  • does not respond on the owner's voice.

If you noticed all these symptoms, then you need to address the veterinarian urgently.

Appear heat-spots

Such trouble appears generally on a muzzle – in a mouth and a nose. It is connected with inflammation of sebaceous glands.

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Such illness can be caused by stresses, bad hygiene of the pet and his bowls and also low immunity.

the Unpleasant smell from a mouth

If you felt an unpleasant smell from a mouth of the cat when they yawn, then most likely they have a scale.

It appears because of violation of salt exchange, bad hygiene and weak enamel. Also the stone can arise if the pet never eats a dry feed.

For prevention of a disease the pets should clean teeth special means. And if you already faced this problem, then it will be solved by the veterinarian.

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