• Feb 6, 2020

According to the description, the Egyptian Mau is a cat graceful, but at the same time brawny and strong.

The trunk of the average size which is a little extended.

Legs are harmonious, on length are proportional to the trunk size. Front legs are slightly shorter than back. Paws round or oval, small, fingers are picked densely up.

Tail length average, the tail at the basis wide, and by the end is narrowed. Defect consider a hlystoobrazny tail of the Egyptian Mau.

Head of rounded shape, muzzle wedge-shaped. Transition from a forehead to a nose is noted by a small bend, however the expressed deepening should not be. The ears which are widely placed, the big, a little pointed tips are decorated with brushes.

the Egyptian Mau's Eyes, according to the description, almond-shaped and big, bright green color. In process of growing of a cat color of eyes changes.

Egyptian Mau's wool of average length, dense, elastic and silky.

The Egyptian Mau's description defines very original color of a cat. Egyptian Mau – the only cat breed which spotty color has natural origin. Not only on wool, but also on skin dark stains are brightly allocated. It is better if spots have round shape and smooth edges, at the same time are accurately traced on a light main background. On a forehead there has to be a pattern from the turned letter "M". Cheekbones cross 2 dark lines. The dark lines passing between ears go down on a neck and break up to separate small spots. And on a back part of a trunk of a spot merge again, forming strips. One of strips goes on a backbone and top of a tail to the tip. Specks on a breast form some kind of "necklaces" — it is desirable that in the center they had a gap. The stomach is decorated by "buttons" — symmetric specks. Shoulders can decorate both spots, and a strip. The pattern from strips and spots also decorates top of hind legs and a back part of a trunk. Hind and front legs are covered with strips. On sides of a spot can be asymmetrical, however strips should not be there.

 the Cat the Egyptian Mau sits a photo

On a photo: Egyptian Mau. Photo: of Google. ru

The Egyptian Mau's description allows several options of a color:

  • Silvery with the coal-black drawing.
  • Bronze with the dark brown drawing.
  • Smoky (ugolno gray, at the same time an underfur silver-white, and the drawing – coal-black).
  • Tin (a silvery-beige tiking on a yellowish-brown background).
  • Sometimes meet Egyptian Mau of a black color. Such kittens cost cheaper, they cannot participate in exhibitions, but for the rest differ in nothing from representatives of breed of a standard color. They have spots too, but they are not visible almost against a dark background.

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