• Feb 6, 2020

Leaving and the Egyptian Mau's keeping have features which need to be considered.

An important part of leaving and the Egyptian Mau's keeping – care of health. These cats are predisposed to such diseases as asthma, a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and an allergy. You watch closely health and mood of the favourite. If noticed frightening symptoms (slackness, apathy, changes of appetite, disorder of digestion, etc.), as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

At good leaving average life expectancy Egyptian Mau – 13 – 15 years.

An important component of leaving and the Egyptian Mau's keeping – hygienic procedures. It is better to accustom a kitten to hygienic procedures from the earliest age.

Care of the Egyptian Mau's wool is not too difficult. Twice a month they need to be combed. As a rule, it does not cause problems – Egyptian Mau love this procedure. It is possible to use a silicone brush.

Regularly (approximately once a week) cut to a cat claws the special nail clipper. Do it carefully not to touch a sensitive part of a claw.

Examine ears and eyes of a cat and if necessary you clean them. If the cat shakes the head or scratches ears, it is worth addressing the veterinarian.

 Mau a cat on a white background of a photo

On a photo: Egyptian Mau. Photo: of Google. ru

Some Egyptian Mau love water and do not object to bathing. Water for washing of a cat has to be room temperature. Use only special cats shampoos. After the water procedures the Egyptian Mau wipe a towel. Do not allow drafts until the pet dries completely. After the cat dries, it is possible to comb a hair.

Egyptian Mau are inclined to obesity so an important part of leaving and keeping of these cats – the correct feeding. Do not overfeed Egyptian Mau at all! You can choose natural feeding or a dry feed, but it is anyway important that food was qualitative.

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