• Dec 29, 2019

the Cat, as well as the person, is allocated with unique character, and all moustached can be divided into four types of temperament. Having defined what of them your pet treats, it is possible to improve with him the comfortable and pleasant relations.

Everything, as at people: 4 types of cat's temperament

Choleric persons

Choleric persons from the cat family are active and irritable persons. They move much and play. During the game can become angry and hiss, but quickly switch and forget offenses. Emotions at them are in full swing. Choleric persons are capable to bite in a temper the owner or to give him a paw, but in five minutes will already come to purr and ask caress.

It is the most talkative type of cats considering a duty to notify people around on everything that happens to them. Descended on a tray, right there rushed on the apartment with the triumphing call, got hungry – loudly bawl in kitchen.

Choleric persons with their irrepressible games master all available space in the apartment including vertical. They will not calm down, will not climb on the highest case yet and will not visit the most remote shelf. Do not love the closed doors – will begin to scratch from below, trying to hook, will jump on the handle – will make everything that passes were free, and rooms are available. Well get on with children and other pets if those are mobile and active too. Demand a lot of patience from the owner at an education stage. But, as easily study, life with them is pleasant and fascinating.

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Sanguine persons

The most balanced cats are sanguine persons. They are cheerful and cheerful, but are moderate in the games. Such cat will not jump to a ceiling, to be irritated for the unclear reasons and to exhaust the owner the requirement of attention to the person. Sanguine persons having a tail are very benevolent and friendly both in relation to other animals, and to people. Among them the ability to compassion and even doctoring is expressed. Such temperament more often allocated cats doctors.

Owners of the most balanced character among cats, perfectly react to foreign people and an unfamiliar situation, easily get used to new conditions of dwelling. With them there are not enough problems on the way, they are not depressed from moving. Owners of the sanguine person can take safely the pet with themselves in a travel.

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Phlegmatic persons

If you want a quiet fat cat, then you get phlegmatic person. These are slightly slowed down, sometimes lazy pets. The main business of their life are the dream and sitting on one place with a thoughtful vsmatrivaniye in space. To force the phlegmatic person to move, the owner should try well and to jump with a teaser in hands much. Will sometimes seem that you are played, or decided to arrange circus in which a cat – the viewer. But it is necessary to induce to the movement of the phlegmatic person nevertheless, otherwise the passive way of life will lead to obesity.

It is the quiet and clever pets capable it is consecutive to achieve the objective. If such cat wants to eat, then will persistently sit near a bowl or to drum it about a floor until elicits sterns. Phlegmatic persons are indifferent to guests and small children, can patiently sit on hands and give itself to iron. Will suit both elderly owners, and young people – often absent at home. You should not worry that in your absence the cat turned the apartment, he just quietly sleeps.

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Melancholiacs, likely, the most reflexing cats. These are the owners of difficult character capable to become attached to the owner as dogs. If you lack the relations in human society, then the cat melancholiac with all the heart will paint your internal life with emotions. He is capable to take offense and to long show offense. He is able to be jealous. Presence of other animals, and even some soft toys in the house is excluded.

Such pet long gets used to the person, but if gets used – the love and devotion are provided to you. Guests melancholiacs are rather afraid, especially of children. They in general timid that complicates transportation of the pet if suddenly there is a need. If changes are coming, the owner should prepare a koteyka in advance – to popoit him the calming drops.

So, cats are different – choose the. But with what temperament you would not get the pet if you love it, then you will manage to find a common language and to live with it in consent.

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