• Feb 20, 2019

with the dead. It something opposite to reality in which we live. On that side — souls of the dead, on they are living people. It is considered that there are conductors between two worlds, and pets are one of them. Many observations and true-life stories indicate communication of cats with the other world. But whether so it actually?

Communication of Cats with the Other World

Mysterious animals

Many things in cats always surprised the person. Watching them, it is possible to notice such features:

What Communication between Cats and the Other World

  • ability to move silently;
  • to appear as if from nowhere and to disappear as if in anywhere;
  • the eyes glowing in the dark;
  • unwillingness to submit to the owner;
  • strange, inexplicable behavior from time to time when the cat can long sit, having stared in a corner and not to move.

That they see, not movably looking in one point, to human mind never to understand. But such minutes we are covered by fear and alarm. Certainly, all inexplicable frightens people and sets thinking on ability of a cat to see supernatural.

Mystical stories

All this only guesses, but sometimes in life happen events which prove that our pets really have magic abilities. Here a little from them .

Behaviour of Cats

  1. of the Cat have a presentiment of danger and sometimes even save from her . There were cases when they, having guessed smoke and ignition in the house, awoke the sleeping owners. During war when there was a bombing, people watched cats. If sits quietly — it is possible to remain in the house, rushes to doors — it is necessary to look for other shelter.
  2. Cats feel approach of death and see ghosts . The old woman, the lover of cats died, them at her was three. They slept always with her, but in two days prior to death ceased even to approach a bed close. And there were cases when after the funeral cats some time did not appear in the house or jumped aside in horror as if having seen soul of the dead.
  3. Ability to treat . And it was noticed by many and by medical researches is proved that stroking of a pet is capable to calm nervous system or to reduce pain. It is connected with the fact that the biofield of cats somehow removes negative energy.

As can explain such surprising abilities? Precisely ability to interact with the other world and, being a conductor, to distinguish the signals arriving from there.

Opinion of scientists

Opinion of Scientists

Scientists, of course, deny communication of cats with other world, for all mysterious the science will have an answer. Such unusual abilities write off for very developed feelings of animals: hearing, sight, sense of smell. And if the cat sits, having stared in one point, it is quite possible that she listens to a mouse or saw some insect. If sharply dashed away — guessed the enemy.

To explain to science more difficult ability of cats to treat, but it is connected with exchange of energy which laws are actively investigated now, and, perhaps, the exact answer will be shortly found.

tell the Facts for themselves, and to trust scientists or own intuition, is a business of everyone. But from understanding that in the house there is a defender start up also small, becomes somehow quieter.

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