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Cannot resist a charm of a kitten of breed the Egyptian Mau. From early age animals differ in grace and high I.Q., they are playful, good-natured and adore society of people. Thoroughbred "Egyptians" cost much, the price fluctuates from 1 to 3 thousand euros, and here breeding kittens of a black color can be bought for a half of the sum, however, such murlyk are not allowed to exhibitions.

Exotic Beauty of Breed of a Cat Egyptian Mau
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Черная level coloring with hardly noticeable patterns is considered a small aberration, but this factor does not affect character and health of animals.

Residents of Ancient Egypt treated cats not less respectfully, than Pharaohs, besides, they esteemed them as envoys of gods. During lifetime of cats in every possible way humoured, and after death mummified and buried in precious sarcophagi. Mau on an Ancient Greek adverb is meant by "cat".

Exotic Beauty of Breed of a Cat Egyptian Mau
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Появилась the Egyptian cat in our corner of the world about 70 years ago, but there was World War II. After its termination, in 1958, the princess Trubetskaya personally was engaged in cultivation of these graceful animals, created nursery and registered breed in the International federation of cats. Now Egyptian Americans are engaged in cultivation in Mau mostly, but there are manufacturers and in our country.

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Standards of breed

Cats of breed the Egyptian Mau are three types of coloring: smoky, silvery and bronze. As for a pattern on their hair, it is absolutely matchless, contrast strips and spots give to an animal a little predatory look. On a forehead thin strips form the letter "m", and above, between ears - "w", together two patterns remind the image of a sacred Egyptian bug of a scarab.

Two thin "arrows" from a corner of eyes to temples are very similar to Nefertiti's make-up , and two more strips begin from the middle of cheekbones, slightly are bent and come to an end at the lower part of ears. Strips on a neck gradually pass into separate spots, and on a backbone merge to one dark line, the tail is decorated with rings, and the end of a tail surely evenly black. On a neck the pattern forms one-two "necklaces" of separate spots.

On sides, hips and pads of a strip also pass into spots, they can be different in the size and a form, but should not form a mackerel (vertical strips). On a stomach there are also contrast spots, and here in a groin and between front pads there are no patterns. The cat breed the Egyptian Mau has one more characteristic – always a little amazed look of almond-shaped eyes which color is always similar to a young gooseberry.

The Egyptian cats are great runners, at them strong muscles and well developed skeleton, it is the only breed which representatives can run with a speed about 58 km/h. At the same time they are excellent hunters: remarkable sight, hearing and sense of smell allow them to hunt mice and rats easily.

Exotic Beauty of Breed of a Cat Egyptian Mau

Mau's Character

Separately It is necessary to tell about character of cats the Egyptian Mau, are inherent in them such qualities:

  • sociability;
  • garrulity;
  • devotion;
  • playfulness;
  • intelligence;
  • love to water;
  • cleanliness;
  • parental instinct.

the Egyptian cats do not love loneliness at all, to them needs constantly attention of the owner and all members of household. Having noticed interest in the person, the animal begins to jump up, become on back pads, to wag a tail and "to talk". Other such talkative breed of cats just does not exist, at the Egyptian cats quite large supply of various sounds by means of which they express the desires and emotions.

Exotic Beauty of Breed of a Cat Egyptian Mau

To Mau are infinitely devoted to the owners and prefer to spend time in their society, but not to walk in itself. After involuntary separation "Egyptians" so sincerely rejoice to a meeting that it is just impossible to remain indifferent to their embraces, purring and joyful singing. Games for this exotic breed have to be active, it is the best of all on the street or in the spacious room that to an animal was where to gambol.

Both kittens, and adult animals very much love toys: balls, bright plumelets on an elastic band, labyrinths with balls and springs. It is better to choose lodges for the Egyptian cats many-tier, with an obligatory sharpener for claws. But even in the absence of such lodge cats will think up where to them still to get, they are so quick and clever that to get into the closed boxes or lockers for them as easy as shelling pears.

Exotic Beauty of Breed of a Cat Egyptian Mau

One more plus of keeping of such pets – their improbable cleanliness. The kitten gets used to a tray from the first days and does not shkodit anywhere, washes until pads and a hair do not become ideally clean. But that the most interesting, Mau's adore water. They touch pads water in a pan before drinking, can imperceptibly make the way to the bathroom and keep the company to the bathing owner or open the crane with water, playing with splashes.

The parental instinct is well developed not only at cats, but also at cats. They preserve the pregnant girlfriend, are during the okot nearby, lick and warm newborn kittens. Presence of owners during knitting and the okot has to be minimum, animals well cope with an objective independently.

Exotic Beauty of Breed of a Cat Egyptian Mau

Principles of leaving

to Look after a cat of this breed absolutely simply, she is quite independent and unpretentious. There are only a few simple rules, conforming to which it is possible to be sure of excellent health of the pet and his good mood.

  1. The Egyptian Mau the cat very much loves when it is combed. Wool at it not really dense, short, without underfur therefore in a month there will be quite enough two procedures.
  2. This breed very much loves a scope and fresh air therefore the cats living in the apartment need to be walked at least three times a week, having put on a collar against ticks and fleas and having fastened a lead. The pets living in the private house can be let out on the street without lead, but in cool weather it is worth putting on a warm poponka.
  3. Forages for the Egyptian cats need to be bought only a premium class, and when feeding by natural products it is necessary to observe a variety. They have to eat meat, sea fish, vegetables, cottage cheese, kefir and cod-liver oil. How many once a day to feed a cat, she most often solves – small portions of food need to be given at the first request.
  4. Health at "Egyptians" quite strong, but pets it is regularly necessary to carry on reception to the veterinarian for carrying out inoculations from panleukopenia, a gerpesvirusny infection and a kaltsiviroz. Do to kittens an inoculation in 6-7 weeks, in 30 days carry out a revaccination, and to half a year – the second inoculation. To adult individuals enter vaccine of times a year.

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And, above all the rule of care of exotic murlyka – to pay to them is a lot of attention and love.

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