• Feb 5, 2018

Many fans of pets dream today that with them such cat as a leopard lived nearby. And for this purpose specific conditions of dwelling are not necessary. So far as concerns the real exotic animals, it is necessary to consider their features demanding special terrariums with various additional devices. So, for example, the chameleon needs to be cooled during certain periods of life. And cats can just be near the person at the room temperature and walk freely on the apartment or the house. But exotic is added by a special color of a plastic animal who looks as a mini-leopard. Of course, this breed has whims and features of behavior.

Exotic Cat Breeds with a Colour as at a Leopard
General characteristics of beautiful exotic breed refer Asher's breed To the most expensive animals from the considered row of

When choosing a cat with unusual breed it is necessary to learn about her preferences and important components of accommodation near people. The considered leopard kitten for the first time was born thanks to genetic engineering and special selection. Though, unlike other cats who are taken out by the person, this breed long lives and has good health that is the main criterion when choosing for these animals. They are considered as half-civilized and can be with long or short wool. their sizes also depend on specifically chosen subspecies. Anyway these cats a color are similar to a leopard.

From the considered row refer Asher's breed to the most expensive animals. This domestic leopard weighs about 13 kg. The cat very much resembles an exotic animal because of the considerable length superficially. the African servala and Asian cats became the ancestors of this look. Besides, usual house murlyk interfered here.

Exotic Cat Breeds with a Colour as at a Leopard
of Some fans of cats the aggressive look asher

of Some fans of cats at once at once frightens the aggressive look asher frightens. At a cat the animal grin is visible, and she goes into a surface powerful paws. But this animal reminds in life a habitual house being though to asher put on leads that to walk them on the street. And at herself in the dwelling the cat does not show aggression and quietly admits to herself the playing children. Moreover, Asher likes to eat with various delicacies.

Kittens of this breed cost a lot of money, however it is all the same not so simple to buy an animal. If fans of these beings having a tail want to buy elite to Asher, then they should get in line in the beginning and then to expect receiving the pet about a year. Sometimes even bail is required.

the Most unusual cats (video)

Experienced felinologists distinguish several breeds of a noble ashera. So, experts call :

  • usual;
  • snow;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • royal cat.

All types differ in a color which some animals having a tail can have even white. But the most expensive and rare is the royal cat. Its spots on a caramel background differ in beautiful orange color. It is very difficult to get to itself royal to Asher as such animals in the world appear only a little in a year. Therefore they are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Exotic Cat Breeds with a Colour as at a Leopard

Worthy representatives from the world cat's

Naturally, asher and savannas are considered as the cats, most similar to leopards. The last version costs very much as on removal of this inhabitant many efforts are required. It is possible to hold them houses, but in the beginning it is necessary to try to buy such beautiful animal having a tail and only then to worry about contents.

Length of the savanna reaches 135 cm, and weight reaches a mark of 15 kg. It is easy for them to get on with other pets. the Main feature in respect of behavior is love of these animals to bathing . And savannas to people the same as dogs become attached. To get at home this cat breed, it is necessary to prepare for it a lot of place as the big animal will need to play somewhere.

Exotic Cat Breeds with a Colour as at a Leopard

Other ekzota

It is necessary to emphasize that at selection of new modern cat breeds wild animals having a tail were used. These beings walking in itself were looked for worldwide. So, India presented to the world of a new pet. The Bengalese cat became result of crossing of a wild animal and a house American being having a tail. The main feature of these мурлык is their color and great quality wool. Besides, these cats are called still Belgian. The golden-orange background with dark impregnations attracts many fans of gentle animals. The Bengalese cat became recognized breed now in each organization which is engaged in registration of breeds.

If to pay attention to a body of the considered cats, then it is possible to tell about their brawny addition with quite strong frame and small eyes. Paws at these cats very powerful, and a tail rather short and thick. The graceful Belgian cat bewitches by the passing people the unique grace. Having inherited many characteristics from wild primogenitors, these animals have quite good hunting abilities. Therefore the Bengalese beings having a tail are also similar to a leopard. Some fans of cats prefer to choose for keeping of long-haired animals who are called by kashmiram. Rumors about aggression and bloodthirstiness of these beings go, but they are absolutely groundless.

The Bengalese cats just should not admire as if not to accustom such animal to hands, then it is possible to bring up absolutely wild pet having a tail as a result. But devotion of inhabitants of this type of the house will be surely noticed by owners. > At care of the Bengalese beings it is important to strong not to forget about cutting of nails and acquisition of a kogtetochka. For the rest this cat similar to other relatives. In other words, food of the Bengalese inhabitant has to be balanced for the further normal growth and development.

Exotic Cat Breeds with a Colour as at a Leopard

History of removal of leopard breed

Leopard kitties were brought artificially as in the nature of such animals does not exist. And the value of today's kittens of this breed depends on the genetic range of animals to ancestors. It is better when a parent asher is servat. Some researchers claim that at removal of the considered individual the Bengalese cats were involved. Moreover, it is not necessary to confuse this breed with cats from a view of savannas which were born in the 80th thanks to work of the American geneticists. In general, this breed created a scandal among fans of cats. Quite often absolutely other animals were given for Asher. About it even the special investigation containing gene testing took place. Then there were judicial proceedings between selectors.

Desire of many people to bring to itself the exotic pet became the purpose of removal of this animal. The name of the considered breed was taken from the goddess Ashera. To avoid predatory habits of cats of a new type, geneticists persistently selected quiet domestic animals having a tail. I.Q. of these beings is much higher if to compare them to other breeds. However Asher needs to walk often on a lead. When in the house there are parrots and hamsters, this noble species of cats to them will not prevent to live normally. of the Cat show restraint and tranquility, unlike the primogenitor of a serval. But the present standard for definition of animals of a such type having a tail is not defined completely yet. For this reason experts cannot precisely call diskvalifikatsionny defects.

Exotic Cat Breeds with a Colour as at a Leopard

The staff of the Lifestyle Pets company therefore they also carry out vaccination asher removed the considered breed. Then animals having a tail cease to be ill often. And conditions of their accommodation can change and bring with themselves new dangers. Today Asher's breed is removed in America therefore it is better to order and get them exactly there. Though the buyer all the same will not be able strongly to save.

At the considered ekzot of problems usually does not happen to food, but these animals demand a large amount of nutrients. You should not worry about hair of cats as their cover is short. It is necessary to comb them all once a week.

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However all cares and works will be is worth it that Asher pleased the owners with beautiful view and proud gait. This playful animal will be the real wonder in the house or the apartment which will present a lot of love.

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