• Jan 13, 2020

Famous owners of the Russian blue cats

Is opinion that the Russian tsars and the nobility preferred this cat breed. Kot of Peter I Vaske was allowed not just to walk on the palace, but also "to mistreat" in every possible way court.

"Aelurophile", the lover of Russians blue, was also Peter I's daughter Elizabeth.

Catherine II preferred
A to cats of dogs, but gave Russians blue to heads of other states. It agrees one of versions, for example, English "branch" of the Russian blue cats starts from мурлык, presented by the empress to the king of England.

Kot Vadka was Nicholas I's favourite. The emperor presented to steam of Russians blue to the queen of Great Britain Victoria who was a big lover of the cat's tribe. However, according to other sources, Victoria was the proud owner of the Persian blue cats, but not Russians.

Representatives of breed win popularity not only in Europe, but also in Asia. For example, creators of an anime actively use their images. And the musician of the Korean Super Junior group bought the Russian blue cat by nickname Hibum. At one Korean musician (TVXQ group) there lives the representative of breed of Zizi.

the Russian blue cats in cinema and animated films

the Russian blue cats, despite shyness, proved
as quite good actors. For example, Keanu Reeves's partner in the movie "Constantine" ("Konstantin: The lord of darkness") there was a cat the Duck.
russkaya a blue cat in the movie "Konstantin: the lord of darkness of" a photo On a photo: the Russian blue cat in the movie "Konstantin: Lord of darkness"
Appears the representative of breed and in the comedy "Cats against Dogs". The Russian blue – the favourite of the main villain Mr. Tinkls (the Persian cat). The heroine of the second part of cinema a blue cat of Catherine claims that it "is graceful and easy, sharp on language and teeth".
russkaya a blue cat in the movie "Cats against Dogs" On a photo: the Russian blue cat in the movie "Cats against Dogs"
the Leader of gang of homeless cats Smouki also belongs to this breed. Many fans of Russians blue were extremely revolted with similar interpretation of an image of their pets, and at forums the idea to file a lawsuit against creators of a picture rose.

the Image of dark-blue Prince Long from the animated film "Return of a Cat" will please admirers of breed more. This cat differs in intelligence and magnificent manners. However, the real prince also cannot be another.

the Russian blue cat — a symbol

the Russian blue cat inspired by
also creators of products for children. For example, in the USA created the "Russian Blue Cats Celebrities" set including a plush toy and "dowry": a handbag, a lead, a plateau, a laying and a blanket and also a bracelet for the little hostess.

A on the Internet can order pictures, figurines, brooches, hours or clothes with the image of the Russian blue cats.

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