• Sep 16, 2019
Sterilization changes a hormonal background of an animal, it attracts, and itself change of a way of life. Statistically the animal becomes quieter (but there are always exceptions to the rules), the level of activity decreases and the risk of set of excess weight increases. Also obesity is connected with decrease in level of the hormones of estrogen and testosterone suppressing appetite.

Sterilization is band operation. When all the most terrible behind, the owner has to pay attention to a diet and physical activity of the pet. As for physical activity, with cats everything is much more difficult, than with dogs. All owners of cats know what to force them to play quite difficult if they do not want it, but it is worth trying nevertheless. It is necessary to pick up a game which will be to the taste to the pet. On sale there are many various toys for cats, including interactive, and it is possible to find what will suit a fluffy. Therefore it is necessary to put the main emphasis on the correct selection of a diet.

Feeding of the sterilized cat a dry feed

Should not forget that the sterilized animal becomes more inclined to development of an urolithic disease therefore when choosing a dry feed it is worth giving preference to specialized sterns for the sterilized cats a premium or a superpremium class. As a part of this forage there has to be a low content of salt, lower caloric content, reduced content of fats and the increased amount of cellulose.

Natural feeding of the sterilized cat

we Will talk about natural feeding.

Stones are formed of salt, phosphorus, magnesium therefore it is necessary to exclude products with the high content of these substances. The main of them is fish, porridge, semolina, duck, goose and pork, dairy products with high fat content, bean and potatoes, the remains from a table, salty, fat, smoked, marinated.

is the Is best of all the crude meat of low-fat grades which previously underwent freezing is suitable for feeding. It has to make more than 60% of a diet.

it is Also worth taking care of that at a diet there was a cellulose. For this purpose well bran and vegetables in the crushed look approach.

Should not forget about addition in a diet of vitamin and mineral fertilizing, but before their application it is worth consulting with the veterinarian.

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