• Feb 10, 2020

Pets, in particular cats, are not only the fluffy friend, but also have ability to treat for various diseases. Cat's treatment differs from clinical. It is based on the level of power exchange of the owner with the animal. Let's tell about several widespread human diseases most of which often treat cats.

Fluffy doctor: as the cat can affect human health

Influence mood

The bad mood disappears when the cat jumps on hands, keeps within a lump and begins to purr. She feels that the person tests apathy, trying to help all cat's charms with the solution of this problem and most often she manages.

Cats are capable to cope with such serious disease as a depression which has very much an adverse effect on a condition of the person, his actions and thoughts. Their purring helps with it too, it has strong salutary properties, reduces a stress and irritability. The person tests the weakening effect if he strokes a cat. Therefore, his mood and health considerably improves and the depression gradually recedes.

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Treat a headache and reduce pressure

Most often the headache is a consequence of the increased arterial blood pressure. When the person looks at a cat or irons her, experiences positive emotions, calms down, relaxes – pressure falls and pain releases.

The fluffy friend even in the middle of the night can feel that to the person it is bad, they come and lay down on the head, despite the owner's resistance shown sometimes.

Influence heart

Strokes and heart attacks happen because of constant stresses. Here again cat's purring which is the best therapy comes to the rescue. It treats as ultrasound – its frequency of 20 hertz therefore there passes fatigue, is normalized pulse and pressure goes down. Cats feel emergence of the problems connected with heart, at the same time in advance they try to sit on the left shoulder or on the thorax of the owner, sometimes lay down on his back.

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Scientists say that such diseases are the most effective cure: Bengalese, Scottish lop-eared, British and Russian blue cats. It is considered that people which have this animal live longer.

Treatment of children with an arrest of development

For the child an animal, as a rule a source of his first knowledge. When the child sees an animal, begins to reach for him, is interested in the name, behavior, differences between animals. If children have a pet, then they quieter and not aggressive. Communicating with an animal, the child learns to distinguish color, a smell, size and a form of an object. Studies three-dimensional motion, softness or rigidity of wool and many other things. The fluffy forces children to develop logical thinking, helps to define various communications and dependences.

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Cats can help those who stammer, and to the children closed in themselves can help to leave in the world surrounding them. The child experiences positive emotions at communication with them, and it sometimes neobkhodimy only.

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