• Oct 17, 2019

expatiates On castration of animals many myths, the majority of which are false. If operation is made by the professional with observance of all rules, then it will bring benefit to both the pet, and its owner. Here several pluses of castration for animals.

For or against: 4 reasons why castration it is good and class=

Becomes more appeasable and friendly

Castration positively affects character of an animal, in his behavior there are less deviations. They show less aggression to people and other animals as their sexual instinct vanishes. Cats become friendly and tender, do less dirty tricks to owners, spend with them more time, sit on hands more often, love when they are ironed and scratch behind an ear.

Dogs become appeasable and peaceful that is especially important if in the house there are small children. They obey better, execute teams and lose thirst to rivalry with desire to show that they are leaders of pack.

Stops marking the territory

If to sterilize the favourite at early age, before emergence of a sexual instinct, then it also will not begin to mark the territory as will not know what is it. At castration at adult age animals cease to leave tags as they do not need to fight for the territory and females any more. It is good also for owners as they need to watch less the pets and it will not be necessary to worry about unpleasant smells. But in isolated cases such behavior can remain within a month.

Become much quieter

Ungelded animals behave uneasily. Cats often and loudly mew, dogs begin to howl. At the same time there is a danger that the favourite will jump out of the house and will escape. At the same time they often are run over by cars, get involved in fights for females, catch infectious diseases from vagrant animals. Females during a techka also become uneasy, shout and draw attention of males.

All this is a stress for a room animal, but it can be avoided if to carry out sterilization. After it sexual instincts and the concern connected with it vanish.

life of the pet Is prolonged

The castrated cats and dogs live for 20% longer and have the best quality of life in old age. They have less diseases, especially oncological which are connected with a reproductive system. Females suffer from a polikistoz of ovaries and a purulent endometritis of a uterus less. Prostatitis and a prostate cancer occurs in males less often. Also such animals are injured and catch infectious diseases less that often occurs during mating dance, and it also prolongs them life.

It is better to castrate an animal at young age, so for it there will be less stress. But also for adult individuals it will be useful, they will become quieter, more friendly, will have less problems with health and big life expectancy.

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